YAY! it's going to be a dark ; scary ; bloody ; stunning ; hilarious ; lunatic 31th october's night.it's halloween today & i'm soo looking forward having a great evening & night with my girls. horror movies ; delicious food ; a little bit to drink & those wonderful people, that's what a perfect day is like ♥

analogue dreams.

OMG! i got my first HOLGA photos today ; freshly developed & 'yay' they're sooo beautiful. i love those 'special effects' of the colour flash & i'm so happy . you know i'm addicted to all this japanese stuff & this wonderful tiny plastic camera is so absolutely cute & analogue photography is maybe a bit oldfashioned but : ' the future is analogue !' i'm a photography addicted girl & you can't imagine this feeling when you put your film roll into this bag and then you've to wait & wait & wait and then the big day is here and you open the bag & you look at your pictures & you think: 'oh what's that ?' cause none of your pictures looks like you would have expected it.


drawing is my hugest passion. i draw everyday ; everywhere & everything . i Love Love Love it (: everytime i'm bored i just take a pencil and draw ; drawing makes me calm when i'm furious ; it makes me happy when i'm depressed ; it can express love ; hate ; motion ; silence ; music & atmosphere .
Drawing is the honesty of art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad - SALVADOR DALI
the left one is one of my latest creations.i drawed it while listening to 'burning in the skies' by linkin park. it expresses the atmosphere and all those beautiful symbols of the songs, like 'and we will make to be apart like seperate chambers of the human heart'  that's one of my favourtite songs at the moment ♥


introducing: the best band on earth breathe carolina ♥ i love their electro + screamo / metal mix & those colorful videos - so adorable (: why do all wonderful things come from the UK ?! babycakes ; breathe carolina ; drop dead ; red busses ♥

Here's to you glorify my darlings , are you satisfied ? Here's to criticize my darling , are you satisfied ?You build me up just to break me down, You're being loud without a sound, You paste me in just to cut meout, Hello Fascination. You've dug my grave but i pushed you in it, I didn't give life to you, But you took itfrom me, But now i'm taking it back, I know you wanna push me. You're questioning the answers of the faithyou've put in me - hello fascination 


saying it and offending sensibilities of someone else or saying it not and always having a burden of souls - what is worse ? 


do you know babycakes ? it's one of the cutest online fashion shops & i absolutely love it. colorful ; sweet ; plastic ; beep ; flash ; bubble
OhMG! i would give everything just to visit the bbycks original store in manchester..
you really have to take a look on the website it's soo wonderful and OMG! i could just talk all the day about babycakes, babycakes, babycakes. *-*


music expressed in art.
it's a different way of showing emotions linked to music or sounds. music & art , this is the topic of my art course. i'm asked to do photography ; a drawing or painting ; build a sculpture or a kind of machine to express what music means to me .. but i've to say: i really can't decide what i should do..
"music machine" is my favourite so far. i love the idea of going to buyback centre ; taking all those old metal or wooden things & putting them together to a sound or music making machine. maybe a sound ; music and painting making machine.


i'm insane 'cause i've got lots of strange hobbies.
i'm collecting japanese erasers ; plastic toy figures ; hello kitty & super mario handy charms ; old analogue cameras ; souvenir coins ; chewing gum papers & stickers.
i'm arranging all my pencils according to the rainbow colors.
i love drawing ; photography ; doing handicrafts ; watching people ; snowboarding & spacy activities with my cuties ♥
i'm addicted to donuts. [ dunkindonuts rules ! ]
today my fortune cookie said:
" a good conscience is a deep sleep "
& this yummie little cookie wants to say to me : don't lie.
my world isn't as easy as yours , petty yellow chinese cookie !


time to introduce:
i'm a 17 year old pseudojapanese school girl with chocolate brown hair & splotchy greenish brown eyes.
i absolutely love marshmallows black cats drop dead sushi cupcakes holga the night sky babycakes darkness deep ocean donuts photography brown hair the snow friends city lights black hearts & white paper.
i absolutely hate bananas.
"and we will make to be apart / like separate chambers of the human heart" Linkin Park