creative week.

YqSc_Z on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs since i've been drawing a lot in the past weeks i wanted to show you some new things in my sketchbook, wich i had already shown you here . . and i really hope for some critics - so feel free to comment, especially what i could do better!

DIY american flag shorts.

so, this is my secret DIY: american flag shorts. i wanted to do this for such a long time - and since i had plenty of shorts to customize - finally i found the time and materials to get started.. this is what you need:
1 a pair of shorts - i use levis vintage high waisted cut-off shorts from 2ndhandstores or ebay
2 an american flag bandana - important: at least 55x55cm and cotton! the material of standard flags is nylon, wich doesn't look so good..
3 sewing stuff: scissors, needles, twine
1 cut out a  piece of the flag, big enough to cover one side of your shorts, make sure to leave 2-3cm more of the cloth on each side.
2 put the piece of cloth on your shorts and cut out the pockets - always leaving a little bit more of the cloth!
3 to get the cloth under the belt loop cut into the fabric, a little bit longer than the belt loop is, then do two small cuts to the sides and simply push it under the loop. it should close behind the loop. - if it doesn't it won't matter, you wouldn't see it later, because the denim belt loop is over that part.
4 now fit the cloth exactly to the shape of the shorts. flap the seam of the cloth to make sure it won't fringe later or when you put the shorts into the washing machine. at the pocket and zipper fold the cloth really around the denim to get a nice selvage. secure it with (a lot of!) needles. 
5 now sew the cloth to the shorts. i decided to use white twine, but you could also use red one, doesn't matter. i did it by hand, you know i'm not that skilled with the sewing machine and i think doing this with the machine would need a lot of expirience, but you can do it whatever way you want to.
6 repeat steps 1-5 with the other side, the star spangled part, of the shorts. for the final touch roll up the seam of the shorts and secure it with several stiches - you won't have to roll them up after washing everytime anymore then.. and you're done!
 i loved this DIY, i think it's one of my favourites, it wasn't that easy and took me about 5h, but the shorts went out soo beautiful, can't wait to wear them! and by the way the price is just awesome: €8 - i got the pants in a secondhand store, on sale for just €5, then i simply cut them and the bandana is from ebay and was €3 - compared to the shorts from runwaydreamz for $162 or topshop (OMG, love their new grunge-collection!) for €44 that's just unbeatable! - and i could customize them just the way i wanted it, PERFECT.

stars and stripes.

guess the upcoming DIY - i'm excited!

sweater madness.

 i love love love youreyeslie and lately they added some super awesome new shirts and sweaters and really, i WANT THEM ALL! those digital printed shirts, with galaxy prints, moons and bones - GOSH! awesomeness ♥

beyond infinity.

today a small package from korea arrived here, i couldn't wait to open it, i knew the wonderful galaxy sweater i ordered some time ago via ebay would be in there! and it is so beautiful ♥ it perfectly fits as an oversized jumper (-dress even..) and it's so cozy and warm, i think i'm gonna wear it a lot this winter, i love it! ♥

inspiration - sketches.

lately i'm collecting a lot of inspiration for my sketchbook, i'm darwing a lot, since i need some artworks to apply for university and therefore i need to practice a lot, i really want to get a place there! maybe i'll show you some drawings of me, if i'm satisfied with the result - perfectionist, sadly.

the human world is a mess.

the little mermaid - one of the best movies walt disney ever made. when i was a child we had it on video tape and i loved to watch it, and still, ariel is an ispiring person, even if she isn't real. look at her hair, who wouldn't want such long and perfectly red hair? the dream of living like she does, under water, in harmony with all the animals, doing what ever i want to do, being able to live there, deep in the ocean still exists in my mind and sometimes i think about how perfect a life like this would have been.

black dripping soul.

this is what i've done to the pair of jeans - i simply painted it with some black fabric paint, inspired by fashion ache, the blog of two insanely creative girls from poland - check them out, they do super awesome DIY stuff! it's an old pair of jeans, so i could hardly do anything wrong and i think it is perfect for the upcoming ROCK IM PARK festival - well, it's in june - and i've actually already got some tickets and i'm so looking forward, they've announced some super awesome bands lately, enter shikari, linkin park, as i lay dying and a lot more to come up! so yeah, those pants can't be ruined more, and i also don't think i would wear them in normal life too much, but for the festival they're perfectly fine! an this is how would wear those weird paint-dripping pants.. (gosh, i hate my damn stupid face on that picture >.<)

DIY - upcoming.

that's all the stuff i need for my current DIY project.. be surprised and stay tuned for the results! that's at least how i'm gonna spend this awfully cold and snowy saturday..

audrey, please, stop being perfect.

lately i discovered that audrey kitching - the most inspiring person on earth - has, next to lazybones, got another two fabulous online stores, called coco de coeur, with my favourite shirts above, and tokyolux, with my favourites down below. and now stop for a second and take a look at the shirts, aren't they beautiful? i want every single one of them, i would wear them 24/7 and those rainbow/galaxy/bubble gum cats are just too cute to be true! so audrey kitching runs three (!!) adorable online shops, who wouldn't be jealous - and so am i (i would buy them empty if i had the money, really). i absolutely love her blog, her weekly inspirations - galleries are so inspiring, but also her themed galleries about japanese fashion or mary kate olsen are just awesome, audrey's awesome, from what's on her head -her pink hair- in her head -her inspiration- to what comes out of her head -her fashion-. ♥
today i also finally checked out the small second hand store around here and i couldn't resist buying another pair of high waisted levis - number seven! seems like someone got obsessed.. - they were just 5€, so i had to get them and i already cut them but i don't know yet what do do further with them, well i got plenty of time until summer actually.. 

haul - it's sale!

Parka/Mango - 99,95 69,95€ Hat/Accessorize - 24,95 3€ ! Sweater/H&M - 14,95€ Necklace/H&M - 7,95€ Scarf/H&M - 9,95 3€

i had a wonderful day, spent shopping in munich, since it's sale now, and well, if  i count everything together, i have saved nearly 60€ with today's purchases! i love sale ♥ also i finally got a new parka, since the zipper of the one i had before broke just after i had it only 2 months or something, i couldn't really decide if i should buy it, because it isn't black and i really wear a lot of black, also i haven't got ANY brown things in my closet, but i don't count beige as brown actually.. the (removable) fur lining persuaded me in the end! (also it's very warm and cozy and i thought if i don't like the colour anymore next year i would simply dye it black, just as my cut-off shorts! - wich i'm actually really planning to do, everyone's gonna think i've got a new jacket.. so biggest DIY project for fall 2012 already.)