win win win!

i'm celebrating absolutely fabulous and lovely 200 readers today! and as a small thank you for all your support i'm giving away this pair of vintage cut off and individually customized levi's jeans! (size W28) all you have to do is:
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   like theslushybrain on facebook ;
   and leave a comment with your name and e-mail adress below! 
last chance to participate will be May 25th, the winner will be chosen randomly 
- good luck to everyone! ♥
PS: twohundred readers! really, i can't believe it! one virtual hug for every follower! ♥ ♥ ♥ - thank you so much for your support!


here it is, a huge haul containing all the treasures i found on saturday, on the fleamarket, in the city and a few things i ordered on ebay lately - awesome, huh?
CITY: blue asymmetric chiffon dress - ZARA (this is what i'm gonna wear to the prom actually..) / baseball shirt - H&M / stud earrings, earring multipack, earcuff - H&M / stupid cat being awfully cute ♥ ♥ ( & trying to be in the center of things as usual..)
FLEAMARKET: levi's high waistet jeans - 3 for 12€ (i confess, i'm obsessed!) / american apparel burgundy velour sweater - 6€ (actually it's a little bit too big, i'm definitely going to sew it a bit tighter at the bottom) / velvet dress - 2€ ( i'm not sure if i would leave the dress like it is or sew it into a velvet skirt, it looks pretty strange on me..) / blue shiny blouse - 2€ / the nanny, season 1,2,3 - 3 for 9€
EBAY: levi's denim jacket - 7,50€ / joy division shirt - 9€ / moustache ring - 1,50€

so as you can guess there are a few DIYs coming up, sadly they have to wait about 4 weeks, the final exams are starting in about two weeks and i really don't have time to do anything but learning or actually drawing for my university-portfolios, well but you can look forward to:
          customized oversize sweater
          velvet skirt and bondeau top from a dress 
          customized levi's cut-off shorts (studding, dying, maybe lace..)
          eventually: bleached and customized levi's denim jacket
i really hope i'll find some time soon -missing DIYing already..

cross processing

recently i tried cross processing - wich is to develop negatives using the method to develop positives - the last roll i shot with my holga and i have to say the special colour effect you can expect didn't come through that much, especially dark photos had been rather red, wich doesn't look very good. but some of the lighter photos had that beautiful pastel pink shade, just like the trees on the first picture.. well maybe it's just the scanner or i should just try another film to get a better effect.. everything's always a surprise if you do lomography - wich is actually what makes it that wondeful.

DIY - studded collar vest

a very very small and easy DIY to turn your old and hated blouses into some more fashionable vests to wear underneath sweaters or shirts, or even by themselves, as it is hopefully getting real spring around here soon!
what you need: an old blouse, scissors and some studs
first step: cut around the arms, right outside the seams and you'll be rid of those awfully uncomfortable and annoying sleeves -that's actually why i hated this blouse so much, i couldn't move in it, it was just too tight around the arms and somehow the fabric wasn't very soft, we'll i hated blouses until they discovered those super awesome sheer materials like chiffon, now i love them ♥
second step: eventually you have to add another button at the top of the blouse, right where the collar is -my blouse didn't have one there at least..
third step: STUD! now add studs, chose whatever kind and whatever number, it will always look awesome! i thought i would go for the round ones and just stud the tips to leave it more classy. but if i'd dig up another old blouse i might go for a heavy studded one, using pyramid studs. 
so this is a super great tutorial for turning an old and boring blouse into a statement piece and to reasonably use some leftover studs!

studded collars

the upcoming DIY-project - modifying an old and very uncomfortable blouse into a pretty studded collar, attachable to all kinds of clothes, especially sweaters, in my closet - hopefully i'm gettin' to do it this week!

the eternal struggle.

gettin' stuff from brain to paper really is THE eternal struggle, i had that pretty much for the last two weeks.. as long as i have reached the point where i actually know what to draw everything's fine and i could just draw hours and hours.. but well, to reach that point it takes a long long time.. anyway, i'm just drawing crystal things mostly, that's what i basically love to do all the time and so i try to kinda work that whole crystal or geometric theme into the drawings i want to hand in for university.. crystal moss on trees, the geometry of crystals itself, or the geometry of wasted-paper-balls, origami instructions.. crystals - paper - nature, these are the things i try to incorporate into interior or product design somehow.. next thing to draw: jellyfish. they're awkwardly scary but stunningly beautiful at the same time - i'm trying watercolour this time. -maybe.
best thing of the day: i won another vintage levi's denim jacket on ebay for just 1€ (+6,50€ shipping) - what a bargain! can't wait for it to arrive :D wich means DIY-time 
- i wouldn't just leave it as plain as it is now of course.remembered something else: what do you think of a watermelon-design for my holga? i'm currently thinking about how i could paint her.. galaxy is one of my favourites, too - but that's pretty much impossible to do.. 

R.I.P beloved hair.

so i just came from the hairdresser and they had to cut off all my damaged tips - wich had been about 10-15cm. my hair's so short now, i could actually cry right now. - and no, i won't show any pictures, i probably won't for the next year or something until they've grown long again. -or until i got after my current grief.  
to make it even worse i had to search for pictures showing what i wanted my hair to be, wich will take about two years to achieve - now i really cry.
 i love flea markets, vintage stores and secondhand fashion so i can't wait for the hugest flea market of the year in munich on april 21 ♥ ♥ i'm hoping to find a vintage denim jacket, a backpack, some vintage band shirts and jewellery.. going to a flea market is very much like treasure hunting - that's actually why i love it so much! - WTF. blogger ate my post title and won't give it back >.<

if i had infinite money..

current obsessions: JOY DIVISION shirt, carhartt watch hat, backpacks, statement cotton bags, crystal jewellery, vintage high waisted denim shorts - studded, frayed, roll-up... spiked shoes, spiked sweaters, awesome print sweaters, asymmetric skirs, blouses, black sheer, ear cuffs, skeleton jewellery, statement shirts, print shirts, denim jackets, vans authentic sneakers, statement beanies, studded collars, mint and cotton candy pink.
PS: if you wonder where the last post went - lost in cyberspace. seems like i'm too stupid for using technical devices, such as my notebook, properly. anyways, there is still the amazing little competition, as soon as i reach 200 readers, with an awesome prize - as an excuse for my current (and future) lack of posts because of the final exams waiting for me in about 5 weeks..