ripped denim.

some inspiration for my newest DIY-project. i want to collect some old denim pants and either cut them off to get some shorts or, if they perfectly fit, i'll leave them long and just rip them.. i also - this is the advantage of having chemistry in school - found some chemicals too bleach the pants, oxalic acid or hydrogen peroxide - wich is also used to bleach hair. you can just buy those on ebay and they aren't even expensive. i also will need some textile dye, studs and lace. lace also for my last DIY-shorts where i wanted to add some to prevent that the spikes of the studs ruin my legs. what i also wanted to have are some old band shirts or just shirts with huge photo prints to make some oversized tops out of them, so i really have to visit a secondhandshop or a flea market in the next time, there's nothing around in the internet..

linkin park.

awesome. after four hours of boring supporting acts the show finally started and it was unbelievable. chesters voice, all the people, jumping and singing along loudly, the show, with this huuge video wall, it was just perfect. they played classics like 'what i've done', where i nearly lost my consciousness, 'numb', and 'bleed it out' but also a lot of their new songs, like 'blackout', 'the catalyst' or 'burning in the skies' - and i fuckin love that new album ♥ it was exhausting, standing there, waiting for them for 4 hours, but it was worth it. so if you love linkin park - go visit their show!

source code.

an absolutely awesome movie about a man who is actually dead, but all the functions of his brain are still alive and so he becomes part of a secret project called 'source code'. he is able to live the last eight minutes of the live of an other man who was on a train that exploded because of a terror attack. the task is to find the terrorist and the bomb to prevent an other attack that would have killed thousands of people. i love the movie, it is about creating other realities to save the real world, it is thrilling and very fast and although you see the same scene a couple of times it's always slightly different and never boring. it is a really awesome science fiction/thriller and i would recommend watching it, especially if you like scifi or shows like fringe. and if you in deed do watch fringe, you will find it similar to an episode called 'white tulip' where a man tries to travel through time and always jumps into a train, where he kills all the people in it by taking away all their energy.

plugs. is the most awesome website selling plugs and tunnels. if i once reached my goal size 00g / 10mm i will definitely order some of those unbelievably wonderful plugs! i especially love the ones with the jellyfish and the ones with galaxy print. the only problem is that they only sell pairs, and i just have one ear streched >.< but i could always sell one on ebay or something.. anyways, i love it. <3


i'm back again, back in cold and rainy germany. as i told you i made a trip through europe with this huuge cruise liner. you can't imagine how precious and sparkling the ship was, in the foyer there were some transparent stairs filled with thousands of glass-crystals, there was an endless number of bars, super delicious food and the destinations were unbelievable. i visited a the vesuvio, a volcano near naples, unfortunately it's not active anymore, and there was no lava, i'd loved to see some.. two days later we arrived in palma de mallorca, it has a wonderful beach, although there are lots of people, drinking sangria out of buckets, wich is fun anyways and the sangria tastes very good there.. but my favourite destination was barcelona <3 this city is huge. we made one of those sightseeing-tours and, well barcelona has everything, a wonderful beach, a huge city for shopping, i nearly died when i saw that they also have topshop, primark and a wonderful store called pull&bear, and loots of bars and restaurants for eating and drinking. unfortunately we hadn't much time, so i couldn't enjoy all those stores, but i'm sure i will visit barcelona once again. the next day we arrived in marseille, where we spent our day shopping, it is also a wonderful city to shop, with stores like, my new favourite, pull&bear, zara home and a lot of small stores with gorgeous noname-clothes. well, travelling with a cruise liner is just kinda perfect, you get to see a lot of different cities, you don't have to sit in a bus or something, you can swim in one of the pools, eat, go to the fitness-center or enjoy a drink, it's just like a small swimming city, with bars, restaurants, pools and a fitness- and spa-center and lots more. you don't have that much time to see everything of the different cities, but you always get an impression and if you like it you could always spend your next holidays there.. so i love it <3


 it's over. i've got two wonderful weeks of free time now - holidays! and i'm nearly on my way to travel through europe right now, on sunday 4am i'll start, driving from where i live, from cold and rainy germany to italy, where it's hopefully warm and sunny. from there i will enter a cruise ship, which takes me from genova to palermo/sicilia, palma/mallorca, barcelona/spain, marseilles/france and back. it's going to be an awesome week, i'm hoping to take a lot of photos, i even bought an single-use-underwater-camera for the sea or the pool :D and i'm really looking forward getting to barcelona, it's an awesome city. ah, i can't wait, i wanna drive away right now! 
btw: this is the 100th post on this blog!


today - exactly 13 years ago - it was the day, that changed my life forever. it was the day when i meet HER. the most gorgeous, perfect, insane, lovely, fantastic and cute girl i'll have ever known. she's the best, from that day no one could ever seperate us and i'd never doubt that we're still sitting together, drinking tea, when we're grannies. all the things we expirienced, all those lovely hours we spent together, and that's been a lot, everytime i'm asked about my childhood, i could never tell any stories without mentioning her. she has made those thirteen years 13 wonderful years, and i know and i hope, that we can spend the rest of our lifes together, too. she is the best and i love her for being who she is. ALWAYS ♥

doc martens.

fabulous dr. martens! i really want a pair of them, i prefer black, but the leo-docs are really nice too as well as some floral ones.. 
 i don't care if they were secondhand, new ones are really expensive and if i don't like the color i could just customize them, like kaylahadlington. her's are absolutely awesome, you should also check out her blog, it's fantastic ♥ the glitter looks just like a space-print! well, doc martens are wonderful, you can give every 'normal' or 'mainstream' look a grungy or punky accent, you can combine them with shorts, leggins, dresses or just some ripped jeans and they're really perfect for autumn. yes, i'm a bit early, but you can actually wear them the whole year, they're just too gorgeous. ♥


yesterday the stuff i ordered at CrazyFactory finally arrived. some really nice tapers and plugs, as well as some tunnels for 8mm/0g. i had nothing to do so i started off streching :D first i took a shower so that my skin was a little bit more elastic, then i destinfected the taper and the ring, after that i took some cream and put it on my ear and the taper.. after that i put the taper in my ear and slowly pushed it through. it hurt a little bit, and i always made little breaks so that my ear could relax a little bit.. when i was through i left the taper in my ear for about 4 hours and just before i went to bed i put the ring in.. unfortunately it is a little bit small, so that the ball doesn't fit anymore.. so i recommend buying a barbell instead of a ring if you're about to strech, too. what i also do is putting some antiseptic on my ear three times a day, because i can't stop myself from touching my ear.. and i don't want it to get infected. the next taper i will put in in 2-3 weeks, although others recommend to wait at least 4  weeks.. but i think the step between 2mm and 3mm isn't too big.. and i don't like my ring, it's just too small.. so i want to get rid of it as fast as possible..