flea market.

i just came back from my trip to this unbelievably huuuuuuge flea market in munich. it was amazing, i walked around about 5 hrs and didn't see everything! and i got some really nice stuff, flea markets are fantastic! but you really have to search and you have to have a lot of patience and you shouldn't go there searching for someting particular, just walk around and get inspired by all those vintage and old and sometimes a bit damaged things..

1. BLONDE - an old issue of my all-time favourite mag
2. Bandana - i searched a really long time for a black one actually..
3. Atlas of Mineralogy - to feed my crystal-fascination
4. Polaroid Camera - too bad that they don't produce the film anymore..
5. Rock Crystals - gonna make necklaces out of them
6. Crystal Pendant - crystal again..


limitless - i don't really know what to think about that movie. i like the camera and camera perspectives, i like that the scenes where he's sober are a bit blue oder green and the ones where he's 'high' are bright and yellow. i like the idea of a drug that allows us to use the full 100% of our brain power, it's really a fascinating imagination, but what i don't like is the end. all went good. damn it! i want to have a 'oh-my..what's going on?!'-ending! something where you have to think about what just happened and what is about to happen. but the movie shows us what possibilities you have, if you're hyper-intelligent, it's nice to see that you can reach something just with brain-power, well, we have to leave out the fact that in this case the brain power actually just exists because of a drug.. what would you do if you had one of those pills and could be hyperintelligent for a few hours? would you take it? well, i would take it and somehow i would try to make a lot of money by writing a script for a movie or a series and selling it to any tv-company, or by robbing a bank without getting caught. :D

do it yourself.

well, here they are: my entergalactic do-it-yourself-shoes. this is how i spent this awful rainy day, sitting inside and painting my shoes. now i only have to iron the fabric somehow for fixing. could be a little bit complicated , but i'll do somehow. um, i have painted a white canvas tote, too. but i have to add some handles and i have to make it smaller so it doesn't look so stupid anymore. i'll show you when i'm finished.. i painted a huge slusho-cup filled with some pink brain - theslushybrain, you know ;D


YAY! i just ordered some stuff from bbycks.com ♥ they are celebrating their 100k facebook-fans with huge sales in their online-store right now, so i had to order some of their ZOOMG-TASTiC shirts ♥ ♥ well, i love those clothes and i think you should take the chance and order ! sale only lasts 13 days now.. :D i'll show you my things when they have arrived , maybe i'm finally going to take some look-photos.. and: i bought my tickets for LINKIN PARKs 'a thousand suns: world tour' ! ♥ i'm so looking forward to this event, can't wait until june 25th!


if you are ready to roll on the floor laughin, please just klick here. it's probably the most hilarious and wonderful interview i've ever seen, Craig Ferguson is simply unbelievable, and Joshua Jackson ♥ , he's so cute with his suit and the sneakers! well, i could watch it the whole day.. and really, you are going to laugh, those two guys are just the limit.
"if i were a Bond-Villain, i would choose a slug as my pet.. hello Mr Bond.. pay no attention to my slug, DESMOND."


now i got all the material for my DIY-project: some cloth for my canvas tote or rather canvas totes, i bought really too much of the white coth, and some white plimsolls for my DIY-shoeprint. for that i also bought some black, caribean blue, pink and grey textile colours as well as a black textile pen and a black waterproof edding. well, i'm not so sure about the shoe design yet, but i absolutely want the mountains and constellations-design on one shoe, but the UFO .. i don't know, looks great if you're not too close, um.. it should be something that only contains black, pink, blue and grey so the UFO would be kinda perfect, well maybe i'm gonna add some stars there in the sky, then it's going to match better with the other shoe.. well, i got plenty of time to think now, because i've got easter-holidays and that is such a great thing! :D in the first week i'm going to have an internship in an architecture-agency in munich and i'm really looking forward doing this, maybe i'll know what to do with my further life aferwards.. i hope so, and the other week of my holiday i'll spend with sewing,painting,drawing,friends and unfortunately a lot of school-stuff /: BUT what is really great is the HUGE flea market on april 30 in munich where i'm definitely going to be, searching for some special, rare and hopefully ultra-cheap stuff like clothes, accesories etc. ♥

winter - for the last time.

here is the promised second part of the photos, a little bit snowy and cold and i'm really glad that winter's over now, so i don't miss it right now, but i know, in summer i'll be like 'whoa, i wanna go snowboarding right now!!' - strange but true.
it's gettin' warmer, this might be THE advantage of the summer, i can't wait to go swimming and to have some nice campfire-evenings, but there are also - for me - extremely bad news: FRINGE got summer-break! NOOO! it will continue in autumn, but how can they just break it in the middle of the season ? it's just cruel.


finally, my HOLGA-Photos are developed! and i was so afraid that they all could be ruined because of the open back, but they aren't! i'm soo happy and there are some really really fantastic pictures! today i'm gonna show you the lightpainting-photos of this new years eve, tomorrow the winter-mountain-photos will follow, if you wanna take a look before, just got to my flickr :D

 taken with HOLGA 120GCFN


um. i thought about sewing my own white canvas bag because i like the size of those adidas-totes but i don't like that they're adidas, everyone's got them.. i wanted to buy one and kinda remove the logo.. but i don't think it's possible without ruining the whole bag..and i can't buy an other bag because they're too small.. i'll maybe go to the cloth shop tomorrow and then i just need to think about a design.. i'd like to have a drawing or picture on the one side and some special quote on the other side.. but i don't know what .. some inspiration:


i had nearly forgotten that perfection in deed does exist. saturday was a perfect day. i went  to munich, a wonderful and exhausting shopping trip with some of my girls. it's GLAMOUR-Shopping-Week here in germany so i was looking for some huge discounts, and i actually saved something about 12€, YAY! and i'm absolutely satisfied now, i found everything i wanted, everything i searched for over one year and on top of the mountain we went eating some sushi afterwards. there is this cute little sushi-circle called TOKYO, it's so tiny that they put some tables outside infront of the restaurant and we sat there, taking our sushi out through the window, laughing and enjoying the warm and sunny weather. yes, this is what i call perfect.

1 black wedges from Görtz17
2 black shorts from Pimkie
3 grey oversized sweatshirt from NewYorker
4 black feather earrings from Accessorize
5 'cotton candy at eiffel tower' nail polish from Catrice
6 black belt from H&M
7 dark grey lace cardigan from Ann Christine
8 black and white knee high socks from American Apparel


a lot of news about my holga: my old roll is finally shoot completely and i already took it to the supermarket for developement, i'll post the best photos as soon as i have digitalized them, and i even took 10 pictures on my new roll, flash works again and i made a little trip to a near forest, the sunlight shíned through the trees and it was a beatiful silence there in the shadow of those taaaall trees, i really felt once again how breathtaking nature can be. there, in the lonely woods you can calm down and get so much inspiration. oh, i made a fashion-inspiration-collage today, too. i contains some shreds from my several old glamour magazines, i kind of took out everything i liked and threw it together, with loads of glue. :D


Friday evening's boredom has brought me to do some possible designs for my lovely HOLGA. this is my favourite one, went out pretty nice. the "entergalactic Holga" problem is: how could i actually paint such a freakin' awesome galaxy-like design? impossible. i thought about just putting some photo on it, question is if it's going to stay there.. and there is this "yummy-donut Holga" - design i really love, too. hm. difficult decision.