if someone asked me for the most awesome online store on the world i would have answered DROPDEAD. the new collection is fabulous, i love their new photoprints and all the triangles, space and eyes. on top you can see my wishlist - i love the shirts, but nearly 100€ for three shirts is a little bit too much. i just can hope to find them on ebay or on sale some time..

it's over.

it's over. it's summer break now - my last one. i've only got one year left and i'm so happy to be free to do what ever i want, to not have to think about school or grades or anything like that, to just hang around with friends, draw, go on holidays, do a lot of DIY-stuff now. - awesome. and of course i'll have a lot of time to post here, to post some new looks and to share all my freaky creative stuff. 
so excuse me now, i'm busy doing nothing. :D

rome in lomography.

well, after a long time i can finally show you my photographs from rome. the first two pictures are taken with an single-use underwater camera from a local super market - first one is actually taken in palma de mallorca during my last trip. i really love those single-use cameras, you don't have to buy a super expensive underwater case for your own camera, you could just use them and experience a little analogue feeling.. the last two photos are taken with my holga and i recognized that this red light leak isn't just randomly, actually there must be a little leak in the back of my camera.. but i don't think i'll close it, i like the little light, it's the unique signature of my pictures - really, it's nearly on every photo since i use the white back for my holga again and there was a little piece where light could come in, a red foil..i put some black paper and nail polish behind, but as you can see it didn't really work - i love it anyways. the 4th picture shows piazza del popolo, where an awesome flea market would have been, but we didn't make it to go there because we had to walk around sightseeing with our teachers.. >.< but all in all it was such a wonderful trip AND it was warm, beautifully warm and sunny..
a little preview: my hair changed his colour again..

the end of childhood.

today i finally watched the end. the end of an era. the end of my childhood. the end of harry potter. the magic ends. i can't believe it. harry potter was always with me - first the books and then the movies, they got better and better and this one was one of the best movies i've ever seen. i felt like i cried every fifteen minutes - it was epic. i hardly ever cry while watching a movie, sometimes at the end but never through the whole movie.. and now i feel like cying, too. it's over. he'll never come back and the magic and the chance to get away from reality for two hours or something is gone. forever.

where's my inspiration?

everday i'm here and everyday i'm thinking 'oh is should post something.' but what? - i don't know what to write, i don't find anything special around here and i just feel like all my inspiration and my energy is completely gone. maybe it is the rain. this grey and cold weather makes me sick. i want to go away from here, somewhere where the sun is shining and i definitely need a break. what a luck that my summer break is just a week away. YAY! i'll have a lot of time and i have so many plans, my DIY-projects, the shorts and bags and i also want to draw a lot and to spend a lot of time somewhere outside the house, i need to get inspired and i need to let my thoughts free, i miss daydreaming and just doing nothing or doing just what you want. well, my holga and underwater photos should be developed by now and i'm gonna get them on monday so i can tell you a little bit more about rome - i wish i'd still be there, 35°C is exactly what i need now. well, maybe a little bit of hardcore or metal or whatever will make me feel better - today's NORDBEAT festival in a small town nearby and i think it's going to be awesome. if the sun doesn't shine my friends have to - and they will.


i'm back - and rome was fantastic. having started here in germany with rain and cold 20°C i nearly died when i felt the 30°C and more arriving at the central station. our hotel was nearby and shortly after we got our rooms we started our tour. tow teachers of our school showed us different sights of rome, churches, the colosseum, the vatikan, the spanish steps, the trevi fountain and a lot more.it was extremely exhausting and after three days i didn't really feel my feet anymore. after the tour we had free time to spend however we wanted. i searched for some nice places in the internet before and just took my girls everywhere i wanted to go - they had no plans anyways :P we checked the main shopping streets and some hidden ones too, but i have to say that the italian style is nothing like mine. too much glitter and i don't know.. i just found an amazing pair of extraordinary high heels - i'm gonna show them to you sometime else - and some tunnels for my ear. i bought them at a small market, you know with those people that always talk to you and wanna sell something to you.. first i thought that they wouldn't be so healthy but the man proofed me they're titanium ones and i also burned them to kill all the microorganisms.. so i don't know i wouldn't have bought acrylic ones and i'd never put them in just as they are, always desinfect them and you're gonna be on the safe side! so all in all it was a wonderful and very hot trip and i'm gonna show you some photos as soon as my holga and underwater ones are developed. be excited - i'm too! :D

lazy oaf.

well, another awesome website called LAZY OAF - you should really check it out. i really love their jewellery and this amazingly sweet water melon skirt. combined with the bondeau or with an oversized white top and some high heels - maybe with my new ones i bought back in rome - it would just look gorgeous. so, whenever you search for cute pop art strange graphic prints, lazy oaf is just the right adress. 

it all ends here.

i'm really sad. Harry Potter went along with me through my whole childhood and now everything should be over? i was sad when i finally recieved my last book, but i knew there would be a movie and now.. the premiere was yesterday and really, if i had the possibility to watch, not only emma watson would have cried. i don't cry very often, even less because of movies, but i'm sure, this time i will. not because the movie is so sad, because this will be the last one and nothing could replace harry potter. i enjoyed reading the books, some i read about 5 times and they didn't get boring at all. if someone would ask me what the most inspiring thing in my childhood was i would truly answer: harry potter. the books are full of magic and they made me dreaming and thinking that all of this could be real.. i really would have died for hagrid to show up at my door! i wanted to visit hogwarts too and i wanted to be able to perform magic, too. well, looks like hagrid never came - and i was waiting all day on my 11th birthday - but anyways the magic stayed..

towards the sun.

well, i'm about to leave home again, this time i'm going to visit the beautiful capital of italy - ROME. although it's organized by school and we're going to have a kind of strict and maybe annoying programme it will definitely be wonderful.i have my girls with me and we're going to have a fantastic trip! and the weather is going to be amazing: 30°C and sunshine everyday, the whole week! YAY! i'm hoping to take a lot of photos, especially with my darling HOLGA ♥ if i needs to i would use the bathroom as a darkroom.. and i really need to shoot a lot of photos, i have this ISO100-roll at home, this one's just for really bright and sunny days - so perfect! as soon as i'll be back i'll tell you everything and post a little bit more frequently - school is nearly over (for this year) - and i'll have a lot of time for you! ♥
UPCOMING: lots and lots and lots of analogue photos, DIYs and looks for the summer!

dyed denim - inspiration.

this is my newest DIY-project: dyed denim shorts. and it wouldn't be me if i hadn't searched for a tutorial on youtube - and i found one! THE FASHION CITIZEN - an absolutely wonderful channel about fashion, thrifting and lots of DIY - you should really check it out! so.. what i need is obviously a pair of shorts and this is the first problem: we don't have that much and that cheap and amazing thrift stores around here..  so it could be difficult to get one, next is: wher do i get fabric colours ?! i have no idea. well, if everything fails, there's still EBAY! and you know what - first thing i'll do as soon as i get 18 is to create my own account there - yay, online-shopping will definitely be my ruin :P


 'well, everything was perfectly working until he got distracted by a unicorn running through the lab..'