while searching for a city guide for barcelona i discovered a fabulous website called it offers city guides for thirteen metropolises worldwide. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Ibiza, London, Miami, Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo, Shanghai & Vienna. You get some information about shops, food, hotels, special events & activities is really wonderful, all special and stylish shops i've been searching for so long are listed there! Barcelona is a beautiful city, i really can't wait to get there in summer ♥


last night was a brilliant night. michelle, a friend of mine, had her 17th birthday party with campfire on snow and vodka on ice. oh it is really a long time ago when i got SO drunk last time. totally lost control over my body ; my brain & everything. i couldn't stop laughin, i wasn't able to take pictures without shaking the camera but it was such a wonderful evening, my girls were with me and the night didn't feel so cold anymore. in the end my lovely girl Mona and i couldn't stop talking shit anymore. we talked & sang & laughed & . . 
two friends - two gloves - two friends - to gloves - high five !

Photos taken with HOLGA 120 GCFN


winter - taken with holga - photos from


what is time? the clock's ticking ; the human's heartbeat ; the water's dropping? i only know that 24h/day are not enough. i need more time for drawing ; photography & creativity. but this damn thing called school doesn't want me to have more. ._. the night is getting day for me. when i'm going outside the house it's dark because the sun hadn't raised yet & when i'm coming home it's dark again because the sun already went down. that's so depressing. darkness, cold and lonely darkness is everywhere around me.


today at 6:45am i unsuspectingly went outside the house going to school & what must i see ? SNOW. white and fluffy snow falling from the sky. a dark and grey sky. i can't decide whether hating or loving it. I hate snow if it's getting wet and slushy and brown and your shoes get wet and your hair gets damaged and your pants are ruined. But i love snow if it's a bright ; cold and shining day and the snow covers the world like a big and quiet blanket so everything looks like beeing decorated with powdered sugar. And i love it 'cause i can go Snowboarding after more than a half year of waiting again. i'm really addicted to it so i buy all those snowboardmagazines in summer. that makes me feel better.i won't stop practicing some tricks this winter so i'll get a little bit better ;D snowboarding is so fascinating. i'm admiring all those guys and girls who are able do some really spectacular tricks.


The most important; the best; the most incredible; unbelievable; amazing; lovely; wonderful; cutest person i ever meet: Julia ♥ She is my best friend and that since 1998. i'll never forget the day i saw her first. it was the 5th birthday of vicky and we spent the day with hide & seek and eating cake. i have only one photo of this day and this photo is so unbelievable. it is the first photo of us and we didn't know each other but we already sat side by side. After that day we never lost sight of each other. we went to kindergarden together and then something incredible happend: we incidentally meet in mallorca. OMG! that was the best holiday i ever had. i was plashing around in the pool (i couldn't swim at this time so i had to wear those ugly swimmies ^-^) and suddenly i saw a familiar person & said: ' mom? is that julies mom ? ' and mom sad: ' no. . that isn't possible ' but that woman was ' julies mom '. and we, as we were cute little kids, one with light blond hair and one with dark brown hair, had the best summer ever. we plashed and jumped and danced and swam and had fun together all the days ♥ back in germany we went to elementary school together for four years but then our ways should separate. we went to different schools but our friendship is stronger than the difference. we expirienced so many; so hilarious; amazing and stunning things together.we camp; party; drink; shop; laugh; hang around; watch tv; swim; dress up; drive around; skate on the ice; take photos; eat and live 12 years of friendship we never had an argument and this friendship will be until forever. we will sit together at the coffee table when we're old and grey-haired grannies and talk about our fabulous past we had together. my greatest wish is that we will never lose our strong and endless friendship ♥ it's more than friendship, it's love

Drop Dead.

Another wonderful online store: Drop Dead . i really love their brain/kittehs and their photomanipulated/graphic designed tees ♥ seems a little bit emo maybe but those clothes are absolutely awesome *-* and again: i would give everything to visit the london store. AAh. i really have to visit london. it's such a wonderful city and all those fabulous stores. i could spend months there and it wouldn't get boring. LONDON - city of my dreams. but not only london. i would love to visit NEW YORK and TOKYO. i will travel to tokyo in the future, that's for sure. you know, i'm addicted to all this japanese stuff & maybe i'll die in tokyo because of soo much cute stuff. No, my purse will die. 


i really have to post more photos on this blog. i think it looks a bit drab right now.more coulours - more lightheartedness. oh i love this word ; just found it while thinking about what to write here . .  a light heart is a happy heart. that's true. there are so beautiful expressions ; it's much easier to say something in english than saying it in german. i hate the german language. it's so stiff and kind of square. english is soft and flowing. that's the reason why i'm writing in english. everyone can understand & english is soo much more lovely than german. i love those long/strange/old words like gloomy ; paranormal ; obscureness . . oh that reminds me of mori chacks 'gloomy bear' . . its an absolutely cute japanese pink bear that kills & eats people. it's kind of macabre but i love him anyway ♥


yesterday i bought a beige/grey/dusky pink coloured swallow scarf ♥ i love those black swallows printed on it.. some time ago i was wondering if i should get a swallow tattoo at my chest. i really would love to have some ink under my skin until forever . and one is for sure: after about one and a half year of waiting i'll take my best friend to a tattooer & we'll both get a little black star at our wrists to remind the wonderful days we had in more than 12 years friendship and to make the promise that this friendship will be forever ♥ she's the most important person in my life and living without her would be only pain. an other tattoo i really would love to have is a little moustache at one of my fingers . . so if i hold it in front and above my mouth it would look like a 'real' moustache *-*


maybe you're wondering why i called the URL ' theslushybrain '  that's easy to explain: my brain is a slushy brain ; some really strange thoughts hide there & i love those blue or green or pink drinks called 'monster slush' i love drawing brains. that sounds a little bit weird maybe, but if you doodle something you can always fill some white space just with brain. pink & wiggling brain.


i thought a bit about this lookbook thing & had a great idea: what about posting looks in different styles, like the Nerd ; the Gothic ; the Lomographer ; the Japanese School Girl ; the Scene ; the Grunge ; the Shopaholic & so on . . i think my personal dress style is the cross between scene ; street & fashion but first of all dark. so i thought i could show all those different sides of myself, split up in their original look.


some basics from h&m i absolutely need & so i just ordered them. a dark grey top with buttons ; the grey sweatshirt ; a long grey cardigan & a black longsleeve with buttons . & i love h&m. they always have some real nice basics & i nearly buy all my basics there.. if i had money i probably would buy them at american apparel but i haven't. it's very expensive here in germany but it is soo nice . they sort their shirts according to the rainbow colours.. OMG! thats maybe the biggest reason why i'm loving it *-* so i'm gonna post some photos, like a 'look of the day' and then you can see how those fabulous things look like d: today i spent my whole day with drawing and some things like that so i'm really tired now.. but that doesn't keep me from writing some shit in here..^-^ yesterday i recognized that my posts get longer and longer but maybe the reason is that i don't care what people think about it anymore .. i write lots of strange things here & i hope i don't bore you with this <(^^<) so my plans for the future are: more looks ; more photos ; more sites ; more more ; more ! oh. i nearly forgot: i planned a stupid little youtube-series called 'peter maffis' it'll launch maybe in 3 months [ you have to watch it ! ] ♥

glamour kills.

another wonderful online store : Glamour Kills . i love their photo&graphic designed tees & i absolutely want to order something . . if there weren't those unbelievable high shipping costs. /= it's not fair. why am i not living in USA ? all the wonderful things come from there.. Germany Kills !


YAY! i finally ordered this grey sweatshirt.. i really wanted one because i love them & there are some really nice ways of wearing it .. with some black tights or those ripped pants. i really like how caro wears it . [ left ] i found this look on . it's an absolutely fabulous site ; you can get inspiration ; post your looks ; get to know people & talk about fashion. i really love it ♥ but i wasn't brave enough to post my first look.. i need a 'photoshoot' ! maybe i should ask my bestie . oh yey.. that's a wonderful idea if boredom has catched us once more & we can't do something else as watchin' featherbrained youtube videos like 'Hot Potato' [ but i love this cuuute little burning potato d: ] or 'ASDF-Movie' [ die potato ! ] oh.. i just recognized i love all those videos featuring potatoes (: but back to my original theme: what should i do ? i'm afraid that i won't get some hypes & that my looks totally disappear. maybe you have some tips for me how to launch a successful new look ;D