bring me the horizon

one of my favourite bands, all-time favourite beanie, that's pretty much i have to say today.. BRING ME THE HORIZON, check them out!

awesome webstores - interior

ICO - // GEM RUG - (not available anymore..) // E27 - // KALEIDO - // DIAMOND HANGING PLANTER - // BLACK ROCK - (print)

outfits of the week..

i've collected some of the outfits i wore this week, all quickly taken in the morning, just before i went to uni, infront of my huge mirror - i'm planning on doing this every week now, what do you say? 
PS: noticed the scream mask in the pictures..? my sister scared me to death with that thing today, i nearly jumped out of the window!

1 hat - CARHARTT // scarf - H&M // sweater - CARHARTT + DIY // pants - FOREVER21 // shoes - VANS
2 sweater - 2ndHAND KLEIDERMARKT MUNICH // pants - C&A // creepers - EBAY
3 hat - CARHARTT // blouse - ? + DIY STUDDED // sweater - EBAY // pants - H&M // boots - DR.MARTENS
4 scarf - H&M // sweater - 2ndHAND AMERICAN APPAREL + DIY // pants - H&M // boots - DR.MARTENS


DROPDEAD - my favourite clothing brand presented their autumn/winter 2012/2013 collection yesterday and - as i hadn't expected differently - I LOVE IT! check their store out here!

DIY inspiration: folding paper

some beautiful folded geoballs - TUTORIAL at WEEKDAY CARNIVAL // folded paper gems - TUTORIALS & TEMPLATES at MINIECO (right side) // thousands of origami butterflies

vintage's cooler than new

hat -CARHARTT  // shirt - DIY // sweater - NIKE vintage // pants - H&M // boots - DR MARTENS

just a simple outfit, what i've been wearing to university today.. and really, i love my university, today we did some kind of a small trip to rosenheim to visit the steelcase worklab, pretty interesting there! and we got free food, cake and drinks - wich was delicious!  i really enjoy studying interior design, besically everywhere we go we get delicious food, sometimes beer, sometimes wine.. best thing i could do! :D


sweater  - secondhand // pants - C&A // creepers - EBAY
as i promised, finally here's a new outfit.. just what i've been wearing for uni today.. - taken on my balcony! the light inside my appartement sucks, best time to take photos would be in the morning, maybe you'll get some crappy mirror-pics, like an outfits-of-the-week-row.. my cupboard's actually really the best place to take pictures in here..
PS: -before anybody's going to ask- that's not ombre, just grown out..


gigant scarf - 12€ // shirt - 9€ // sweater - 19€ // pants - 25€ 25€ 
my sister came visiting me in my new appartement and since i'm living kinda in the center of munich now we did the obvious: shopping. i didn't want to buy anything actually - because i might not have enough money for food then this month - but when we came into C&A, a shop i usually never even enter because i didn't think that they're having cool stuff there, i couldn't stop myself! their new 'be inspired' limited edition collection can't even be found online, but did you expect C&A to sell shredded sweaters? i would never, but now they really convinced me! so what do we learn: never go by a store just because you think they won't have anything cool anyway, just try and take a look! plus C&A is super cheap compared to zara or similar stores!
PS: you might miss the zebra carpet, sadly it won't appear anymore, i didn't take it with me.. now i use my white dining table and new gained photoshop skills :D

home tour

finally i found some time on a free day to take some photos of my appartement and i won't hide them from you! it's still a bit empty, i need lots and lots of more pictures and wall decoration but compared to my old room - a nightmare of wooden floor, walls and furniture - i really love my bright white room! - PS: i switched from GIMP to photoshop to edit my pictures - do you notice any difference?

1 tiny little kitchen - photo taken standing outside the - nonexistant- door!
2 IKEA MALM chest used as a night stand, lampshade: DIY moooi random fake, flea market glass head featuring carhartt watch hat
3 bed and book shelf - black frames with dried flowers from my home garden and jelly fish picture painted by myself some time ago in school
4 diana and holga found their place, too!
5 some other stuff i've been collecting and DIYing in the past
6 grandmas vintage globe!
7 jewellery, makeup, accesoires and beauty stuff
8 the lampshade and it's wonderful light - the pattern it throws on my walls is really beautiful!