just do it.

i couldn't hide these babes from you, so here they are - my fabulous, super cozy, awesome, new NIKE sweaters! ♥ i'm really into nike lately, not the new stuff, it's the vintage sweaters and shirts i find particularly cool and so i didn't hesitate to search on ebay for some vintage nike stuff, and as it always is, brand stuff's pretty expensive, people pay 30€ for a used sweater, but you know me, i would never! so i tried to bid and got overbidden a lot, but then, i didn't expect it at all i won TWO sweaters for 1€ each! i had been ready to die at that moment, so well, here they are now, including shipping they were 10€ both of them together, they're in very good condition and i can't wait to wear them! 
PS: BIG NEWS!! - done with my internship today - YES! so i've got plenty of time for DIY and i'm moving to munich in the next month and finally i'll have a nice wall to shoot outfit-posts! so be excited for a lot of that stuff coming in october!

spikes spikes spikes

finally i finished my totally DIY bleached and spiked converse shoes by adding some spikes to the heel, now they're perfect! my internships going to be over after this week by the way so i'm gonna have a lot of time for DIY projects in the next weeks! stay tuned for tie dye, bleach, lace and more spikes!

awesome webstores - shirts

moose shirt - SECRET STORE // tie dye print shirt - THFKDLF // pink tie dye shirt - LENG CLOTHING // 'the end' shirt - THE QUIET LIFE // ghost tank - SICK STICHED UP // able flower font - ABLE CLOTHING // rudeboi leopard font - RUDEBOI CLOTHING // pink & purple ombre shirt - DOM SEBASTIAN // black & white tie dye - RUTTEN CLOTHING    

DIY denim bag

here's another bag i sewed out of the excess fabric of my cut off denim legs, inspired by the upcycled bags of thevintageshop i read about in the german CUT magazine (check it out, it's awesome!) i used about 4-5 denim legs and on the inside i used an old scarf to cover the seams a little bit, basically the bag is just a big cuboid, made out of square parts! you see there are a lot of possibilities what to do with your excess denim legs, so don't simply throw them away - actually you should never throw away any excess fabric!

tie dye shirts

tie dye's been around the web for quite a while, especially on tumblr and i have to admit that i really fell in love with it! customised vintage nike or nirvana band shirts or those cuties from THFKDLF, RUTTEN, ABLE  or SUNKEN are my favourites! guess what my next DIY will be..? TIE DYE! - i'm planning to do a shirt (like No.2) and to customize one of my denim-leg-bags (coming up), so stay tuned!
PS: i'm sorry for the lack of posts, the internship in the joiner's workshop is really exhausting an time-consuming, but there's only 3 1/2 weeks to go! (and a lot of DIY projects on my list..)