ever felt like NYAN CAT ?

that's what i feel like at the moment at least - i can't believe it, i really won the diana mini at somelostgirls contest! A W E S O M E. i can't wait to recieve it and finally really customize it! (and shoot for the first time! i'm pretty excited about the 72-frame thing..) well, that absolutely made my day, but then i came around here and saw that i reached the 100 readers over night! A W E S O M E. i love you guys, really every single one of you ♥ ♥ ♥ ( so that's actually why i feel like NYAN CAT)

creepy skeletons.

i've been in love with skeleton, bone or rib cage prints on sweaters,shirts or tights for a very long time so i really wanted to have something similar to the absolutely perfect - but too expensive - wildfox sweater.. and now i finally found one on ebay and ordered it right away, it's soo gorgeous and i can't wait to recieve the package.. ♥ i also discovered some very cheap creepers from china,and since the original undergroud creepers are about 100€ and those would be around 30€ + 7€ shipping they are an absolutely affordable alternative and i think they just look exactly like the originals.. so i'm really thinking of ordering them but well, creepers are pretty cool but also pretty strange.. BUT they're special and nobody around here would have the same ones.. so what do you think? get it or not? //edit: i couldn't resist, i just bought them :D

and all the snow is gone.

i'm back from livigno and it was an absolutely wonderful week. i had a lot of fun snowboarding, i learned some new tricks, the weather was great and i also had the chance to watch the RIVER JUMP snowboard contest live, wich was amazing. the riders did some really cool tricks, actually really jumping over a small river in between the kickers! O: returning back i discovered that my diana mini donut made it and mine's now one of the twelve final designs, so please help me and VOTE! thank you so much! ♥ ♥ and if you want to laugh: i also got a small video for you, showing my skills in snowboarding - well at least i tried that super funny air bag they had in their snowpark, without being able to do a special trick, i just flew out of any control - watch it here.. i shot some analougue photos too, so as soon as they're developed i'll show them to you!

travel the world.

since i've been talking about travelling in my last post already i decided to tell you something about the destinations of my dreams (also to take part in a competition to win 1000€ for travelling!), wich i would die for to visit just once as long as i'm still living..
if i could choose a city it would definitely be NEW YORK CITY. i'm somehow fascinated by huge cities and all the possibilites.. you could spend a lifetime there and you wouldn't have seen everything! i love new york and it's sights, like liberty island, the empire state building or the big apple, all the wonderful shops, secondhand and vintage stores and the beautiful street markets, districts like soho or the central park i would definitely visit and all the inspiration you'll find there is irreplaceable.. new york's got so many faces and i would be curious to discover them all.
if i had to choose a country it would definitely be an asian one, china, japan, korea, they're all fascinating, but to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing trip i'd choose THAILAND.  next to a beautiful culture, delicious food, interesting cities, there is the landscape, especially beaches that are absolutely awesome.. white sand and a deep and turquoise ocean to do boat trips or diving down to beautiful underwater worlds. the dream of thailand and the asian countries kind of always had been there since my dad had been travelling through asia when he was young and until now i can't get enough of his stories and the beautiful photographs he made. he kind of brought up that desire for travelling in me i think..

drowning in snow.

i'm going to be away for a week from tomorrow, enjoying my one and only trip this year (if you don't count the festival..). right into the snowy snowy mountains, to livigno, a town in italy, wich hasn't only got excellent slopes for snowboarding and a huge park (at least i'll try to learn some tricks..) but also is a duty free zone with more than 250 shops - wich is awesome! well, that's what my days will look like: snowbarding - shopping - eating - sleeping - x7 !! i hope i'll come back with some new stuff to show you and a flood of both digital and analogue photos to share with you! enjoy your days, free or not and be excited about me coming back in a week! ♥ ♥

grunge is the new black.

print shirts, asymetric skirt / NEWLOOK - grey and striped sweater / TOPSHOP - dress and denim shirt / PULL&BEAR - creepers / UNDERGROUND

asking alexandria.

wednesday had been one of the best days of the year so far, i went to see ASKING ALEXANDRIA playing at the backstage-club in munich and it was such a wonderful and beautiful concert. four girls, third row and even the supporters had been quite good, especially bless the fall. the next day i was more like a death person, but the awesomeness of that evening couldn't somehow be destroyed anyway! ♥ 

diana mini - DONUT.

there's an awesome design contest on somelostgirl with the absolutely awesome chance to win a lomography diana mini in white! white's pretty boring or a super cool background for your own design and so polga, who's running the blog, decided to give the camera to the contestant with the best design for it.. i decided to do the DONUT-design (and i could eat that camera, yum :D) and i really hope i'll win, i love the diana mini cameras, it's a 35mm one and you can even shoot 72 photos using the double frame! love love love it ♥


 i just discovered the most awesome rings ever - i think i'm gonna die. you'll find them on regalrose, such a wonderful online store for exraordinary accessories, lot's of feathers and crystals, well - i love it!


it's a weird day. normal people feel awesome when they get extraordinary school certificates, but i got depressed. i could study nearly everything with my grades, but i don't want to, i want to study industrial design or interior design and for this you don't need the grades, you need the talent and you need to pass the qualifying examinations. so when i held that paper in my hands today i started having doubts about my future plans - why should i waste the grades and with them all the effort it took to get them (well, not that much actually..) ? i could study mathematics or physics, i'd been better there than in arts this year, but i know i do have an extreme passion and ambition in arts - why should i waste that? so well, i'm in a kind of struggle now, i can't decide , the only real alternative for me would be becoming astronaut, BUT: there are only 15 in europe, two or three of them german - the chance gettin in there is pretty low, huh? and i don't want to study air and space technology anyway.. and my mother doesn't make it better, she always tries to keep me from studying something design related, she doesn't believe i'm strong enough or talented enough or whatever.. but you know what - now i'm really convinced doing the design thing, i want to prove it to her, to myself and this course in munich is just PERFECT. i can even learn japanese, do an exchange year and three months of work expirience in a foreign company - sounds too awesome. I NEED IT.
PS: if you wonder, i was in a quite dark mood, so i simply had to delete some of the old posts i found too stupid for still being here.