strange situation: you paint and paint and suddenly, when you search for inspiration or think about what to paint next, you start just staring at some indefinite point, until someone starts talking to you and you realize that you just stood there staring for nearly five minutes and after that you can't even remember what you were thinking about or what happened in those last five minutes. i had something like that today in my art-course,i was painting my snowy-wood-or-what-ever-it-is-going-to-turn-to-artwork, i don't know really yet, and sometime i just got lost in the endless depth of my thoughts, that i don't remember, really i have no idea what distracted me in that way..


i don't know why but i'm recently very into diamonds, crystals and gems..  their geometric sparkles are really fascinating, i also like feathers, tiny floral prints, lace and destroyed or ripped denim or shorts, might be what this summer's fashion is all about. diamonds for sparkle - not glitter - , feathers for freedom, floral prints for cuteness, lace for the evening and ripped denim for excitement. and not to forget the galaxy-thing.. i love everything about nebulae, stars and planets, the infinity and mystery of endless space.


time for massive change. new and spacey backround for my blog, new and temporary header, new and skinny appearance for me, new and inspiring sketchbook, new and curious clothes, new and empty roll for my holga, something is about to happen here. you know i'm never satisfied but now i'm changing everything, until it's perfect or perfectly satisfying.


Oh My Gosh. i just opened my facebook and read: 
"FOX has renewed critically acclaimed thrilling drama FRINGE for a fourth season, it was announced today by Kevin Reilly, President, Entertainment for Fox Broadcasting Company.
"FRINGE has truly hit a creative stride and has distinguished itself as one of television's most original programs. The series' ingenious producers, amazingly talented cast and crew, as well as some of the most passionate and loyal fans on the planet, made this fourth-season pickup possible," said Reilly. "When we moved the show to Fridays, we asked the fans to follow and they did. We're thrilled to bring it back for another full season and keep it part of the FOX family."
FRINGE co-creator and executive producer J.J. Abrams said, "We could not be happier that the fans of FRINGE (and our most excellent partners at FOX) have allowed us to continue telling stories from the fringe for another season!"
i'm just hyperventilating now. i was so afraid that this could be over after just three seasons but now i'm so excited how the whole story is going to unfold, those endless possibilities, the nasty cases, peter and olivia in love, my monday evenings are saved! 


"nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"  Kate Moss

today i decided i'm going to do some kind of diet. i really have to lose some weight, i feel so unbelievably fat and deformed, i'll do more sports, eat less and Kate Moss is fuckin' right! i am not satisfied with myself, it's cruel to see myself in a mirror, my legs are just so short and fat, really too fat. and this is not one of those stupid and exaggerated anorexic posts you have to read so often, it's the truth. i can't see myself like that.


school started again and i got nothing to tell here. i feel like my life is really boring right now.. i spend most of my time with school, doing things for school, drrawing or watching fringe. kind of nothing, nothing interesting. and those 5 pictures are still left to be shoot with the holga. this grey and rainy weather makes me so sluggish, unmotivated and sleepy.. i really should go out and fill the film so i can develop it.. there are pictures of new years eve on it.. i really want to see how they got.. although i accidentally opened the back and they all might be ruined.. but maybe this had a nice effect too.. and my batteries for the flash are also empty.. i really have to change them.. lot's to do but i can't get myself to move right now.. so i'm gonna stay here and write some boring and bored stuff..


those people are absolutely strange. they are standing on their balconies, shooting and photographing a huge black wave destroying just everything around them, like it was an exciting sight or something. japanese people wouldn't even change their - 'i have to take a picture of everything' - behaviour by the end of the world and those pictures you see in the news look a lot like the end of the world. again we have to feel the enormous power of the ocean and the nature, cars and houses seem like little plastic toys and those waves just destruct and overflow everything. and then there's this thing with the nuclear power stations, it seems like someone wants whole japan to disappear.. hell, this sounds really like apocalypsis. 


i had three wonderful days, snowboarding with fresh powder snow and lots of sunlight. unfortunately too much sunlight for my skin, which is quite red now.. sunburn >.< on tuesday we went up with our backpacks to a small cottage high up in the mountains where we stayed two nights. that was pretty cool because you could just ride down the slopes after breakfast before anyone else did and enjoy the freshly shaped slopes with no one standing in your way. the only missing thing was some kind of fun park where i could try out some new tricks. but all in all it was a kind of perfect snowboard trip and i took a lot of photos with my holga, first because the mountain-motive was just great and second because my batteries for the flash are empty so i can only shoot with some bright light like sunlight.. there are still 5 pictures left on the roll.. but when it's done i'll show you some of them, i promise.


as a product of unbelievable bordom i decided to give my nails the special DONUT-look. it took over an hour to paint all the layers, they are at least 6 - basic twice ; pink ; yellow ; blue ; top coat - and about 2 hours until they were completely dryed and hardened. to paint my right hand's nails was a bit complicated too, 'cause i had to do that with my left one.. but it went out pretty good too ^^ so i don't know how long i'll keep them but by now i just felt like doing something freaky and who can say ' i had some DONUTs on my nails!' too ? well, my little sister was very excited and wanted her nails like mine too, so i painted them as well and hers got really really nice, firstly because i could paint everything with my right hand and secondly because she put some fake nails on.


i changed my picture,added a quote and some inspiring pictures to the sidebar, they may change or increase in the future. site-list and shop-list follow soon.
And i'm planning a new header - kind of 'photo collage' or 'double exposure' thing.. surprise :D


what would you do if you had no internet access for a whole week ? i can say, you will start doing really weird things.. well, i actually had no internet and guess what, i spent the whole week drawing in my brand new sketchbook(s), designing the covers and - of course - watching Fringe. first i thought 'oh my gosh, how could i survive this ?!' but then, after i went buying a new sketchbook i thought 'hey, this is maybe a good thing' and it was. spending to much time here limits creativity - although i missed the inspiration from or - and you really learn to appreciate the endless possibilities of internet and technology, i lately discovered that we actually have a phone - you get really lonely if you can't communicate with your friends through facebook, what is actually a little bit scaring. so what i learned from is maybe to introduce a internet-free day every week..

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