DIY pocket shirt

a small saturday morning DIY: pocket shirts! after i've seen a lot of them on tumblr i decided to quickly sew myself two of them.. all you'll need is a plain shirt, whatever colour you like, some leftover fabric, maybe a square of 20cm x 20cm, and sewing stuff, like pins, a needle and some thread. now you cut out the shape of your pocket, leave some more fabric around, flap the edges and sew it onto your shirt! if you actually want to use your pocket, make sure to first sew the seam on the top and then sew the rest of the pocket onto your shirt, but not the top part! that way you can put some little things, maybe your mobile, a pocket mirror, some pens or whatever you like, in it. quick, easy and super cool! - btw, the brain fabric i mady myself by simply paiting some white fabric with pink fabric paint and then adding the lines with a black fabric marker! make sure to fixate the paint, follow the instructions printed on it, to prevent the paint from fading with every wash!

i'm a skeleton

in the end i thought 'just go for it!' and finally painted my holga.. i love how it came out, the film's loaded, ready to shoot! the neckstrap i made from an old necklace and some plastic bones, in wich my dad made some additional holes so i could link them. those bones look like holga's arms now and everytime i carry her around my neck, it'll look like she's waving - so cute! :D


i've been thinking about some design for my plain white holga since the moment i unboxed it, i originally had ordered it white so i could customize it.. now that i own a diana mini, customized as a donut, her big sister holga looks both boring and sad next to her.. so i decided to get a little bit creative today, tried some things out that circled around in my brain and finally i came up with the skeleton idea.. the most awesome thing: i'm gonna do a bone-neckstrap -wich is actually why i like the idea so much and i could use those leftover plastic bones i ordered for my bone hairclips but didn't fully use.. so tell me what you think, should i do it?  other ideas would be galaxy-holga, brainslush, nyan-holga.. what's you favourite?

DIY leather sleeve denim jacket

so here's the secret DIY project: a leather sleeve denim jacket! contrast sleeves are definitely one of the big trends for fall/winterand since i 1) had a denim jacket at home, that i wanted to customize 2) wanted a long sleeve denim jacket, but didn't like the sleeves of mine -too big! 3) really wanted to have a contrast sleeve jacket because i think they look pretty cool 4) but didn't want to spend 670€ for the ALEXANDER WANG jacket (left) or $495 for the RAG&BONE jacket, i decided to simply DIY such a leather sleeve denim jacket! -there were cheaper alternatives at urban outfitters or zara, but currently sold out everywhere!
all you need is a denim jacket -mine's a vintage levis from ebay, DIY bleached for ~7€ and a leather jacket -got mine from the flea market for 3€ (makes a total of awesome 10€!!) 
FIRST STEP: cut off the sleeves of your denim jacket right outside the seams, it won't fray too much but that'll give the jacket a bit more edgy look! cut off the sleeves of the leather jacket, make sure to leave 2cm of fabric inside the seams to be able to sew them onto the denim jacket! -don't throw away the rest of the jackets, you can always use a bit of leather and denim for further projects!
SECOND STEP: put the leather sleeve into the armhole of the denim jacket, this is a little bit complicated and takes some time, but as soon as it fits good, fix it with some pins
THIRD STEP: sew right over the seams of the denim jacket, use a thread in the same colour and try to sew very carefully, so the new seam stays invisible. i sewed two times each sleeves to make it hold better and longer! - and you're done!
10€ and about 4h of work is a very good alternative to hundreds of euros, isn't it? i really like the result, this jacket's definitely going to be my everyday piece for fall! 

flea market haul

 i visted a huge flea market on saturday and this is one of my favourite finds: a 2in1-vintage-bag from a super sweet old lady! i think it's awesome, i've never seen something like that bag before, it looks good in small and big and unfolded you'll have massive storage! - 3€
decoration for my new appartement: blue bottles - 50ct each; medicine bottles - 3€ each!
books: 'Das Universum' (the universe) - 5€; 'Seelenreisen' (journeys of the soul), 'Die UFOs' (the UFOs), 'Mystische St├Ątten' (mystical places) - all three togehter 1€
clothes: emerald green velvet dress - 4,50€ ; denim jacket - 2€ ; leather jacket (ugly, but i'll cut it up anyway :D ) - 3€ 

DIY spiked shorts

guess i'm obsessed with levi's shorts and spikes, so here's an obviously fabulous small DIY i did today in the morning.. i had this plain dark blue pair of levi's high waisted cut offs in my creativity drawer for a while and didn't know what to do with it.. until today! i spiked it, then cut some slits into the fabric, put it into the washing machine and this is how it came out! easiest thing to do..! coming up: i'm pretty excited about the flea market i'm visiting tomorrow, it should be huuge! let's see if i find some stuff for my new appartement and some cool vintage clothes..

interior inspiration

since i'm moving out from home in less than a month i've collected a lot of ideas on the web for my new appartement in munich, concerning interior and decoration. i've been living in a very brown room for nearly my whole life now, with a wooden wall, wooden ceiling, wooden floor and wooden interior - now i'm pretty sick of that, so my new room's going to be mostly WHITE...
IKEA's EXPEDIT shelf is one of my favorites for book storage, what's even more awesome: it doesn't have a back, so you can easily use it for dividing a room! i love book shelves, i'm already planning to sort my books after colours - i'm gonna have a NYAN-shelf :3
i'm really in love with clothes rails, especially the wooden one in the middle looks super awesome! sadly my room's too small for such a rail, i'd have to go with a boring and normal cupboard..
i'm going to study interior design, so there'll be a lot of drawing, this means i need a giant desk.. i'm also planning to do a big 'inspiration wall', some kind of  pinboard where i put all my ideas, inspiration and more if i'm working on a project next to my desk, and one of those picture and frame walls above my couch or something.. i really love those butterfly frames, sadly they're very expensive to get..
if you're searching for some inspiration, also DIY-tips, check out DESIGN SPONGE, for inspiring appartements check out FREUNDE VON FREUNDEN and especially for people from munich: DESIGNCHEN
also be excited about my newest DIY project: moooi random light ($605-$2140 O:) for a fragment of the price! - let's see if it works out..
and: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 400 FOLLOWERS! i still can't belive so many people are interested in the stuff i do.. lot's of LOVE! ♥ ♥ ♥


one project isn't enogh, so i started FOUR today. to start off i bleached a denim vest - further project coming up - while the jacket was in the washing machine i sprayed the first layer of white paint onto those balls - they've been green once, then awfully bleached by the sun, so i decided they needed a makeover - and the first layer of black paint onto the picture frame - wich was long ago a gift from a friend, but sadly in the wrong colour for my new appartement - and in the meantime, while the paint dryed and the jacket got washed i went on knitting my super huge and chunky scarf - actually i wanted to have it for last winter already, but i didn't manage to finish it.. it's about 1,80m now and still needs to be looonger! (as you see i also have plenty of wool left..) i'm pretty excited about the denim jacket DIY, but i won't give anything away, so stay tuned for another awesome DIY coming soon!

the pocket shirt

recently i really fell in love with contrast pocket shirts, there are a lot of online stores selling them but actually it's one of the easiest things to do them by yourself, you just need an old shirt and some leftover fabric and that's it.. basically you don't need to spend any money at all - pretty nice. the problem is: i really can't decide, what i'm gonna do.. leather + spikes, leopard or tiger print, tie dye, floral or aztec print, velvet, denim, tropical or brain print.. some nice stores - just if you're to lazy to DIY - BREAKFAST CLUB ; TANTUM ; DRAMAMINE L.A. ; PATCHWORK APPAREL

Levi's Shorts - EBAY

i'm selling some of my levi's shorts, the black one because it's too small and the ombre one, because it looks awful on me.. GET THEM THEY'RE AWESOME!
- international shipping! auction ends on sept. 13, so be fast!
Vintage Levi's Shorts in black, size W27 / XSOmbre Bleached Ripped Levi's Shorts, size W27 / XS

DIY studded sweater

after i bought this sweater some months ago at a flea market it pretty much lay around in my DIY-drawer, waiting to get customized. the sweater is originally an american apparel size m, and since their clothes are always very tight i thought it would fit perfectly.. it didn't. so first of all i had to sew it a little bit tighter - never let a big size be a reason not to buy something cool, you can always make it tighter by yourself! - and then i studded it.. i did some kind of star or circle pattern on the shoulders, using cone spikes in the center and smaller round studs around.. so this is pretty easy and i'm thinking of doing this to more of my sweaters, on a denim shirt or jacket or even a blouse. you could also sew on some leather patches on the schoulders or elbows of a sweater, cardigan, jacket... or knees of a leggings or pants and stud them, looks awesome, too! (definitely one of my next projects since i found some leftover black and white leather!)