friday night.

a flood of inspiring hairstyles, today, in this very boring friday night - i'd really love to dye my hair in an extraordinary colour, something more special than mahogany-red, wich is like brownredorange right now..well, but i'm really scared.. i love the combination of either brown/green or blonde/pink - last one's beyond question, but i'd have to bleach at least a part of my hair and i'm really scared to destroy it forever.. so i think i'll start with dying my hair in a really warm and darker brown, no red anymore.. and the green, well maybe for summer..


time to introduce one of the cutest and most inspiring youtube channels ever: LoveWithCautionnn - lot's of thrifting, DIY and fashion, all made by a gorgeous redhead named selena. it always makes me a little bit sad that we don't have so many thriftstores or charity shops around here, i just love all the amazingly cheap but wonderful stuff she finds there and finally cuts and sews and studs and whatever.. so just check out her channel!

UNIF clothing.

 i just discovered a wonderful online store called and they got those 'skeleton-hand' printed tees i've been looking for such a long time! although i like the ones with white prints more.. doesn't matter anyway, they're too expensive for me.. well, i really need to get rich. but there are still good news: the new season of fringe started in the united states this friday and i can't wait to finally watch the first episode today - i'm so so so excited! everything's different and - ok. i'll stop annoying you right now and just watch it.

black and white.

finally my first roll of black/white film is developed! it was surprisingly expensive and took much longer as usual, so i probably won't buy some b/w films again.. but the pictures went out pretty well, i have lots more - you can take a look at them on my flickr. so the pictures are both taken in italy again and i find that the light there was extremely good, the pictures are very sharp and light, although i always forget my flash if the light would be enough for a digital camera but not for an analogue one, well i still need to practice a lot..

what a coincidence.

haha, life's strange sometimes..yesterday i told you about my ears and guess what's in my letter box today? the stuff from i ordered it two weeks ago and now it's finally here.. look at those awesome plugs and tunnels, the black ones are organic, so that my ear can breathe a little better.. and the mona lisa one - well, i'm an artist. but really, i think i told you some time ago, crazy factory is the most awesome - besides - and what's even more important, the cheapest online store for piercings and all that stuff on the world wide web! they also have free shipping until sept 30, so take a look, it's worth it!

could it get even worse?

well, yesterday was the worst day in my life. i had a car crash and it was all my fault - now the car is nothing more than trash and i feel so terrible. i don't know how that all happened, i just know i was so incredibly stupid, i feel like i shouldn't drive, i think i'll move somewhere where i just need a bike or where i could walk, NYC, Tokyo, London, whatever. anyways, i don't know what to blog about right now, schools already stressing me out, although i had just one week, i need to work on my human-machine-project - i'm gonna show you when i'm finished - but right now i'm rather hanging around here, thinking about my streched ear, since i've got only one week to wait until i can strech to 8mm, a zero! one size smaller than my goal size 10mm - 00 - double zero. can't wait <3

under your skin.

i was just thinking about what i would love to have under my skin forever - a tattoo. i always wanted to have one, me and my best friend, but now that i'm officially allowed to i should start to think about what i would put there, forever. i love swallows, human heart, feathers, key, moustache, triangle and words.. but what would i write there? what would be awesome to write if that tattoo should remember us of each other forever? infinity, endless, love, imagine, never ending, dream without fear - love without limits, reality leaves a lot to the imagination, real is just a matter of perception, heart, 08.06.1998, always.

what's in your bag?

sad, but true, today's the last day of my summer break, school's about to start tomorrow and i've decided to show you all the stuff i'm carrying around in my bag or in my hands, everyday, but now for the last time! i'm done after that year. so, what's in my bag? my sketchbook - never missing - , organizer, 'superfluorescent' textliners, emergency-sewing-kit, pill-textliners, a small bag full of colorful pens - favourites: edding, sharpie, copic, faber castel pencils with a small eraser at the end, wallet, calculator!, iPod, 2in1 pocket mirror and hairbrush. and my mobile of course, wich is not in the picture. in the second one there's my folder i covered with some inspiring pictures and quotes, like 'real is just a matter of perception' or 'change is the only constant in life' and 'FUCK' - school after all still sucks..

hello, consciousness.

now i know i'm not fine with having a blood sample taken. i knew i shouldn't watch the doctor, injecting that gruesome thing into my veines, it wouldn't be the first time i saw blood and lost consciousness, so i didn't. actually everything was over but then my surroundings suddenly became blurred and white - and my consciousness said goodbye. i never remember, but during the blackout there's always some kind of dream, the only difference is that this dream is fast forward, just like disapparating in the harry potter movies, too fast to capture and just a row of confusing and strange pictures. but this time something was different, there was music - and i even remember what song it was. reckless and relentless - asking alexandria. and this song stuck in my head the whole day. i regained consciusness, got some grape-sugar and a glass of water, but it still wasn't over and - bam! - i was uncoscious again, the last time for that day and hopefully for a long time. it's like you've been away in an other world, when you come back you're so sure you've been lying in your bed, dreaming, you don't remember where you are and why you were there and suddenly reality seems like a dream, you can't say how long you've been away and you can't tell what happend during that time, it's like you're leaving your body, a body with a blown fuse, disapparating into an other universe and when you come back it's like - 'Oh my.. where am i ?! - FUCK! it happened again.' 


as i'm working on a kinda huge artwork at the moment, i haven't got that much time for sewing, photography, fashion or my blog here, but i promise, i'll tell you more about that project later, when i can actually show you something besides a giant balloon i pasted up with some old newspaper to get a papier mâché ball.. well, nothing more about that, i actually wanted to show you the most adorable cat on earth: sam. and i'm proud to call it mine :D really, he's the cutest of all and he loves to sleep in my bed, even more when i'm in it, too. that's not so good for me, mostly he sleeps on my head or something.. anyways i love him, he's so cuddly and soft and fluffy and lovely and i could go on with that for hours.. ♥ ♥


this is exactly what my DIY-dyed-denim-shorts should look like. pink and purple are a excallent combination and i hope i'll get some fabric dye soon to start off!

gotta catch 'em all.

1 tights / monki
2 converse all star hi / vintage & rags
3 shirt / weekday
4 blouse / monki
5 scarf / monki
6 'believe'-necklace / pimkie
7 necklace / accessorize
8 'style diaries' / urban outfitters

as i promised, these are my purchases from hamburg - and i love hamburg, especially the monki-store, it's huge! also the vintage & rags secondhand store is worth a visit, i got my converse there for unbelievable 25€ and they look like completely new! and of course the urban outfitters store, OMG, if i had too much money left i would go there and buy like the whole store or something.. but, really, go and visit hamburg, i've never been to a city with so many, so well dressed people, they really inspired me a lot.