brain eater.

it's mine - finally. the DROPDEAD brain eater dress. i wanted this for about a year now and then, last week i saw it at, for SALE! and nothing in this world could have stopped me from buying it. i love it. <3 and i recognized it's been a wise decision to order a medium, although i usually fit into small or even extra small, but dropdeads clothes are made for anorexic, i guess. doesn't matter, i can't wait to wear it!


seems like i'm a little bit into creepy things right now, but i found a pretty cute online store - malicecouture - with a lot of those vamp and psycho shirts.. i love that kind of bloody and dripping writing - want!

VANS x Jesse Jo

VANS has, next to volcom, always been one of the cutest skate and streetwear labels, but now they did this new line with jesse jo - i don't really know wo she is, but she's gorgeous and obviously she's got a great sense of fashion - and i nearly freaked out: VANS IS DOING CREEPERS. i. need. them. please, just look at those shoes, i love creepers anyway, the classical ones are super cute but those are absolutely perfect - i'd just change the shoe laces into simple black ones.. there's just one tiny problem, i can't find them anywhere online, but i need them, i need them from the bottom of my heart, i guess i fell in love - irrepealably.

denim jacket.

it's here! my super awesome and super cheap levis - wait. levis again? well, i'm totally into vintage levis stuff obviously.. - denim jacket! really, i couldn't belive that i actually got it for 1 + 4,50€ shipping!  so now i can finally start customizing it, i'm definitely going to cut it into a vest and sew something on the back, like here:

spikes would be super awesome, too, but i can't decide if i should order gold or silver ones.. also i'm not really sure what to put on the back, i thought of an old shirt, i have this pretty nice dropdead ones, that don't really fit anymore, but i'm really afraid, because they've been a little bit more expensive and if anything gets wrong i would have ruined them forever.. but on the other side i don't really wear them anymore and i think i would wear the denim jacket like every single day with such a absolutely gorgeous back.. so i don't know..
i think i would just cut out the prints and sew them on the back of the denim jacket.. on the back of the shirts, especially the ghost and kitty one there are also some cute details, i think on the blue one there's sushi :D i could sew that to the front of my jacket, too.. arg. i don't know.

lazy bones.

AUDREY KITCHING. one of the most inspiring persons around here for me, for her hair and her unbelievable style. her inspiration galleries and all the fashion items and DIYs on her blog are just super awesome and i love all things she discovers and shares. i've kind of always been into her somehow, first she's been - also a very gorgeous and inspiring - scene queen with bright pink and black hair and now she changed her style to a even more different and diverse one, well, i don't even know how to discibe her, she's just brilliant.. and now she even got an online store for customized vintage clothes, with a lot of super cute stuff and DIY-inspiration. and look at those cute bone earrings and the bone in her hair <3


and here are the results of the wonderful denim-dying-day - aren't they super awesome? for the first pair of shorts i simply used black fabric dye, originally it was a mid blue one with lot's of black paint on it, so i kind of hid that now. but i might add some silver studs to finally finish it.. the second pair is my favorite by now, i first dyed it cobalt blue, then, after 30mins i put the top of it out of the dye, so that it won't get a too deep blue and then, after another 30min, i dipped the very bottom of it into my black dye - and it turned out as this waterfallish, super cute pattern! the last pair of shorts is just a deep deep deep cobalt blue, i think i left it in the dye for nearly 2h and, especially on the back, it looks a little bit tie dyed, i don't know why, but it doesn't matter very much, it looks great anyway.. i might add some gold round studs to it, but i'm not sure yet. i think the colours came out extremely good, could be because the blue shorts had been white before and adopted the dye very well.. really, dying is just so much fun, i just love it ♥ it is a bit messy, yeah, but the results are more than worth it!

you can also see my new cozy, knit, warm, black, oversized, elbow patched, wonderful cardigan from the H&M online store, that arrived yesterday - it's just so unbelievably perfect in time - TODAY THERE WAS THE FIRST SNOW. you could guess, i just freaked out - i want to die instantly, please. or move somewhere where snow doesn't even exist in the darkest nightmares of the people living there.

entergalactic shit.

i changed my background from green to pink nebula - yeah, i'm still in love with outer space, galaxy stuff and cosmic shit.. there's this absolutely wonderful galaxy print jumper on ebay, i'm so into it and i'm definitely going to buy it soon - oh well, today i finally won a denim jacket, and guess what, i'd been the only bidder, so i won it for just 1€ !! fantastic, rigtht? depending on how it fits i'll either customize it, just like it is or cut it into a denim vest.. let's see. so, next to the new background, here's some entergalactic inspiration.. 

colour the shorts.

today i finally did it, i started dying three of my levis vintage cut off shorts, one of them completely in black, one in blue and the third one will be a blue and black, kind of dip dyed one, and i'm pretty excited already how they will turn out after washing.. i'm just dying another jeans of me, the third short is also still in progress and i need to take them out of the dye soon so i need to quit here and the full tutorial and, what's even more interesting, the results will follow tomorrow!


you see them a lot on lookbook, fashion blogs and even the runway lately, the lovely and super cute CREEPERS. i have to admit, i fell in love with them, too. and there are so many good things about them, first, nobody here has got a pair of them, i guess i would be the only one, and second i would get at least a little bit, like 4cm or 5cm, taller, wich is quite good for me being just a tiny 1,64m or 5'5" .. i'm really thinking of buying a pair for spring, since i couldn't walk through mountains of snow with them during the upcoming winter now.. hopefully it won't get that cold and long this year, so i can order them earlier - on ebay of course..

fashion ache.

while browsing through lookbook i found a super inspiring blog - fashion-ache - two girls from poland with a grungy style and lots of DIY in store, like denim vests, skeleton tights or college jackets. i really love the jeans with the dripping paint on the right, pretty awesome idea.. so check them out!

studs studs studs.

today a small package from hongkong arrived at my home and really, not even two weeks after ordering my round studs are here, that's awesome! i ordered them  on ebay, and whenever you need studs, check out this shop here, you're gonna find a lot and super cheap and fast delivered, golden, silver, pyramid, round and even crystal studs.. i decided to buy the 1000 gold and silver 8mm round studs, where you get 500 of each colour, i think it was just 13€ - shipping included. now my sprayed pyramid studs just need to dry completely and i can stud stud stud just everything i have :D

spray some gold.

while cleaning up my room i found some really ugly studded belts of mine that i wore a lot some years ago - i looked pretty stupid that time, with short hair and a let's say very colorful style.. so now i decided i couldn't just throw them away, since i'm still loving studs, just not colorful ones.. so i decided to buy some spray paint and simply change them into golden and black ones.. well, spray paint is actually very expensive, so i decided to just buy the golden one and just do one colour.. although i left the left ones, the pink studs just as they are because they already have an awesome colour..

hopefully the paint is going to stay on the studs but i think they went out really good - well spray painting isn't that difficult though - and i'm excited to use them on my high waisted shorts or whatever..but by now they just have to dry and stop smelling - although i really love the smell of fresh paint.. i don't know.. but it's still nothing you wanted to have in your room for weeks. spray painting is actually really great, i guess, i'm getting into spray painting fever right now, just like everytime i try something new.. 


 i recieved a huge box today and inside there were the four levis high waisted jeans i won in ebay last sunday.. a really fast delivery and i instantly cut all of them into some cute shorts.. well, they're super awesome but still a little bit boring.. so i'm gonna customize them a little bit.. i'm planning on doing american flag shorts, studded and distressed ones, i'm gonna dye the white ones - since i hate white pants.. well, i actually got two so i'm gonna dye one blue and the other one will be either pink and torquoise or pink and purple.. let's see.. i already ordered some studs, round ones in gold and silver - in ebay, too.. they're from hongkong - but i still need some fabric dye and an american flag actually. gosh, i'm so excited, it's going to be so much fun!

nomnom JELLO!

since it's been halloween last night i decided to modify my camera a little bit and turned my white flash into a blue one. all i did was taping some blue foil before  it and i think the pictures look very nice, i love the colours and i think i'm gonna try some more flash colours.. i've got some pink and yellow foil at home, too and maybe i can also combine two colours in one.. or even three..
 i spent the evening with my friends and we decided to make some bloody jelloshots. some time ago i found some 'how-to-make-yummy-jelloshots' videos while browsing youtube and i really wanted to try it out and they are indeed absolutely delicious and really, whenever you're going to have a party, make some jelloshots! so here's a wonderful
you need: a pack of do-it-yourself jello, for example Dr. Oetker Götterspeise of any flavour, vodka, water, juice (optional)

1 read the instructions on the jello pack, you would eventually have to modify the recipe a little bit.. since i'm using Dr. Oetker and yours could be different..

2 heat up 200ml of water and 200ml of a suitable juice in a pot. (the pack yould suggest 500ml, but we will add the vodka later, since the alcohol would go away if we heated it up) you could for example use raspberry flavoured jello and raspberry juice. make sure it doesn't boil. now mix the powder and 5 big spoons of sugar with the water and the juice until it is completely dissolved

3 wait until the liquid has cooled down a little bit, takes about 15-20min, and then add 100ml of vodka

4 fill it into small shot glasses and wait until they've cooled down a little bit more. then put them into the refridgerator or outside (in winter only) 
if you need it faster, put the glasses into the freezer for about 20-30min - that's what we did..

5 take the shots out and they're ready to serve. (you might need some spoons to get the jello out of the glasses..) enjoy!