DIY denim backpack

recently i made a lot of levis cut off shorts and since i didn't want to waste all the legs of the pants, wich are made of a lot of denim fabric, so i decided to sew some bags out of them.. the drawstring backpacks are very easy to sew, you only need two legs for one and in the end they're really cute to wear - a lot of stuff fits in there, too! a really nice tutorial can be found here, you don't need too much sewing skills to do it, so get started!
do you know what's the most awesome thing? out of one vintage jeans (wich looks really strange on me if i wear them long..) you'll get two things, a very fashionable pair of shorts and the suiting backpack! let's take a look at the total price: pants around 4€; rope around 5€ per 5m; eventually eyelets 1€ per 2 pieces = 10€ for shorts + backpack! nice, and not only cheap but also a very good idea for recycling leftover fabric instead of throwing it away!

custom nike air max

the weather sucks, i'm bored and surfing around the web i discovered NIKE iD, where you can customise nike shoes! i played around a little bit and created the perfect air max shoes of my dreams, NEEED them! - who donates me some ca$$$h ??

more treasure hunting..

carhartt beanie / EBAY / 30 10€
volcom beanie / PLANET SPORTS / 34,95 17,50€
black lace sweater / PIMKIE / 22,99 7€
blue dress / NEWYORKER / 9,95 4,95€
glitter shirt / PIMKIE / 14,99 3€
dark red jacket / AMERICAN APPAREL / 45 22,50€
black leggings / PIMKIE / 8,99 2€
glitter heels / NONAME / 25 15€
i did a little shopping trip with my sister on the weekend, and really sale season is the best season ever! i saved about 100€ O: did i mention? -I LOVE SALE! ♥ ♥ ♥

DIY neon bracelets

another one of my friDIYs - neon bracelets. stackable bracelets are definitely a must have for this summer and i also love the neon-trend so i surfed around a little bit and found some awesome tutorials, bought some neon thread on ebay here and started braiding. what you need: some neon thread, scissors and super-glue, for variations you'll also need spikes, beads, etc... so for the basic knot you should just follow the tutorial of secretlifeofabionerd, it's really good and actually super easy!
1) start your bracelet just like the basic one, after a few knots you'll braid the first stud in..
2) take your screwback-studs and screw them together, leaving just as much space to fit in the thread..
3) losely do another knot, put your stud in place..
4) tighten, the thread should fit exactly in the space between the spike-part and the screw-part..
5) screw the stud a little bit more until it's very tight, go on knotting, then put in the next stud, repeat until you've reached you wrist measurement..
6) finish the bracelet like the basic one!
so this is how my bracelets look like, i love them, they're easy to put on and of course, because they're custom made, fit perfectly around my wrist! so have fun knotting and don't hesitate to try some variations, there are plenty of tutorials on youtube and other sites!

lazy oaf x batman

LAZY OAF, an awesome british online shop, lately launched it's new batman collection, containing a few super cool items, like those you can see above.. check out the store, their other items are really awesome, too!

DIY bone hair clips

it's friday 13th today and i thought it's appropriate to finally do my bone hair clip project, something i'd seen on tumblr and instantly wanted to do myself, it's so easy, you just need some carnival plastic bones, some plain alligator hair clips, superglue and some sandpaper. roughen the surface of the bones and the hair clips with the sandpaper, then glue them together, let them dry and you're done!
i love friday 13th, i'm going to a horror movie night today, it's going to be awesome! what are you doing?

DIY union jack flag denim jacket

finally i got to finish my DIY acid wash denim jacket, since i got my screwback studs i ordered on ebay, today! to make the jacket even more unique i sewed a union jack flag on the back of it, it's pretty easy, you just need the flag (or any other cloth, like animal print ones or an american flag or anything you like..), a needle, some pins and twine. simply cut fit the fabric to your jacket and cut it, fold the edges to prevent them from fraying, pin the cloth onto the jacket and sew around, by hand or if you're skilled, with the sewing machine -done! then add some spikes or studs if you want and the jacket is ready to wear! 

be careful -spikes can hurt people when you hug them!

red corner festival

i'm back from a wonderful weekend at a very small local festival - the red corner festival. of course it rained but on saturday the sun came out and the day became beautiful. WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER was basically the only band we watched, and they were AWESOME! favourite song: breekachu - they're crazy and one of the few bands that sound good although their lyrics are german!

some more skull jewellery again..

the last part of my skull-jewellery-project, now i nearly used all the beads i got, it's awesome, i made five earrings, three bracelets and one necklace out of ONE SINGLE skull bracelet! well, i love the bracelets, i'm pairing them with my new feather bracelets, that i got from claire's on sale, 5 for 3€ -one of them actually had to die for that earring on the pictures..
some news: i PASSED the qualifying examinations for the akademie der bildenden k√ľnste -'art university'- in munich, so i'm gonna study interior design in october! i'm so happy, you can't believe it.. but that means i will spend my summer doing an internship in a joiner's workshop, i need that to be allowed to study there.. sadly that means again less time for DIY.. but i'll still have the weekends, so don't worry guys!
and: i'm going to a very small local festival called 'red corner' this weekend, and although it's not very famous, we butter the bread with butter is going to play there, so i'm pretty excited!

treasure hunting

after some hours of digging through massive piles of sale clothes in munich, i found some really awesome stuff there, i love sale, did i tell you that? from left to right:
skull cropped shirt / NewYorker / 9,95€
black shirt with transparent and longer back ♥ / MANGO / 29,99€
tie dye denim shirt / MANGO / 29,99€ 22,99€
black mesh jumper / Pimkie / 25,99€ 12,99€
spike earrings / Tally Weijl / 4,95€ 2,99€
i also bought some black bondeau bikini tops from H&M to match with my black bikini bottom; 2 for 1 and they were even on sale, so i just payed 7€ instead of 20€ for the two tops -awesome!