sale everywhere!

mountains, galaxy - INDEPENDENT CLOTHING30€ 23€, 32€ 25€ // skull - UNREFINED - 12€ // glitch - TOASTYCO - $15.99 // tie dye sweater, adidas shirt - CRYPTIC CULT - 26€, 30€ // baseball shirt - WHO CLOTHING - 25€ // ice cream - DISTNC - 5€ // shirt - TO BE CLOTHING - 20€ // deer shirt - THE SECRET STORE - 27€ // bomber jacket, panther shirt - LAZY OAF - 85€ 43€, 37€ 12€

hello, shoes of my dreams..

well, i fell in love - again. another pair of platform shoes, but what should i do, i'm just too small! when i saw those super cool vans sk8 high platform sneakers i knew i had to have them and seriously, i would've bought them instantly (their available at urban outfitters or asos..) but as it is always the case, they're too expensive.. so i could just do one thing: save a lot of money OR wait until they're on sale.

outfits of the week

1 shirt - H&M // pants - H&M // boots - DR. MARTENS
2 beanie - VOLCOM // scarf - H&M // shirt - DIY // jacket - AMERICAN APPAREL // pants - H&M // shoes - VANS
3 sweater - C&A // pants - H&M // creepers - EBAY 
4 denim jacket - EBAY + DIY // sweater - NEWYORKER // panst - H&M // boots - DR. MARTENS


 i found the most hilarious DIY paper folding tutorial ever: the gangnam-santa. this thing is just so much fun, i made it at the university last week and since then everyone walking by my desk plays with it, it's soo funny!  the tutorial can be found at KAMIBOX, it comes with a template, so you'd just print it, cut it out and fold it - i have to admit it's not that easy, it takes at least 30mins to fold and glue that thing - but it's soo much fun! and if you take a look at their website - you should definitely do! - you'll find a lot of other awesome things, like nyan cat, super mario, spongebob.. i plan to fold them all! 

outfits of the week

so here they are, the outfits of the last week - sorry for being a bit late - it's getting really cold and snowy here, so don't wonder if my outfits  get a little boring, pants and a very thick sweater and scarf, combined with some big boots are my only way to survive the winter.. and of course my favourite beanie (1)!

1 hat - CARHARTT // scarf - H&M // denim shirt - MANGO // shirt - BMTH MERCHANDISE via // skirt - H&M // leggings - PIMKIE // boots - DR. MARTENS
2 shirt - MANGO // pants - H&M // creepers - EBAY
3 sweater - EBAY // pants - C&A // creepers - EBAY
4 scarf - C&A // jacket - AMERICAN APPAREL // shirt - ZARA // pants - H&M // creepers - EBAY

bring me the horizon

one of my favourite bands, all-time favourite beanie, that's pretty much i have to say today.. BRING ME THE HORIZON, check them out!

awesome webstores - interior

ICO - // GEM RUG - (not available anymore..) // E27 - // KALEIDO - // DIAMOND HANGING PLANTER - // BLACK ROCK - (print)

outfits of the week..

i've collected some of the outfits i wore this week, all quickly taken in the morning, just before i went to uni, infront of my huge mirror - i'm planning on doing this every week now, what do you say? 
PS: noticed the scream mask in the pictures..? my sister scared me to death with that thing today, i nearly jumped out of the window!

1 hat - CARHARTT // scarf - H&M // sweater - CARHARTT + DIY // pants - FOREVER21 // shoes - VANS
2 sweater - 2ndHAND KLEIDERMARKT MUNICH // pants - C&A // creepers - EBAY
3 hat - CARHARTT // blouse - ? + DIY STUDDED // sweater - EBAY // pants - H&M // boots - DR.MARTENS
4 scarf - H&M // sweater - 2ndHAND AMERICAN APPAREL + DIY // pants - H&M // boots - DR.MARTENS


DROPDEAD - my favourite clothing brand presented their autumn/winter 2012/2013 collection yesterday and - as i hadn't expected differently - I LOVE IT! check their store out here!

DIY inspiration: folding paper

some beautiful folded geoballs - TUTORIAL at WEEKDAY CARNIVAL // folded paper gems - TUTORIALS & TEMPLATES at MINIECO (right side) // thousands of origami butterflies

vintage's cooler than new

hat -CARHARTT  // shirt - DIY // sweater - NIKE vintage // pants - H&M // boots - DR MARTENS

just a simple outfit, what i've been wearing to university today.. and really, i love my university, today we did some kind of a small trip to rosenheim to visit the steelcase worklab, pretty interesting there! and we got free food, cake and drinks - wich was delicious!  i really enjoy studying interior design, besically everywhere we go we get delicious food, sometimes beer, sometimes wine.. best thing i could do! :D


sweater  - secondhand // pants - C&A // creepers - EBAY
as i promised, finally here's a new outfit.. just what i've been wearing for uni today.. - taken on my balcony! the light inside my appartement sucks, best time to take photos would be in the morning, maybe you'll get some crappy mirror-pics, like an outfits-of-the-week-row.. my cupboard's actually really the best place to take pictures in here..
PS: -before anybody's going to ask- that's not ombre, just grown out..


gigant scarf - 12€ // shirt - 9€ // sweater - 19€ // pants - 25€ 25€ 
my sister came visiting me in my new appartement and since i'm living kinda in the center of munich now we did the obvious: shopping. i didn't want to buy anything actually - because i might not have enough money for food then this month - but when we came into C&A, a shop i usually never even enter because i didn't think that they're having cool stuff there, i couldn't stop myself! their new 'be inspired' limited edition collection can't even be found online, but did you expect C&A to sell shredded sweaters? i would never, but now they really convinced me! so what do we learn: never go by a store just because you think they won't have anything cool anyway, just try and take a look! plus C&A is super cheap compared to zara or similar stores!
PS: you might miss the zebra carpet, sadly it won't appear anymore, i didn't take it with me.. now i use my white dining table and new gained photoshop skills :D

home tour

finally i found some time on a free day to take some photos of my appartement and i won't hide them from you! it's still a bit empty, i need lots and lots of more pictures and wall decoration but compared to my old room - a nightmare of wooden floor, walls and furniture - i really love my bright white room! - PS: i switched from GIMP to photoshop to edit my pictures - do you notice any difference?

1 tiny little kitchen - photo taken standing outside the - nonexistant- door!
2 IKEA MALM chest used as a night stand, lampshade: DIY moooi random fake, flea market glass head featuring carhartt watch hat
3 bed and book shelf - black frames with dried flowers from my home garden and jelly fish picture painted by myself some time ago in school
4 diana and holga found their place, too!
5 some other stuff i've been collecting and DIYing in the past
6 grandmas vintage globe!
7 jewellery, makeup, accesoires and beauty stuff
8 the lampshade and it's wonderful light - the pattern it throws on my walls is really beautiful! 

dropdead winter sneak peak

DROPDEAD recently released a small sneak peak of the upcoming winter 2012/2013 collection and i'm already in love with it! look at those shirts, i could instantly order them both! dropdead's one of my favourite clothing web stores, i love nearly all of their stuff, you should really check them out!
PS: sorry for not posting that much recently, moving out and university consumed pretty much of my time, but i'll try to post more often now! coming soon: appartement tour, outfits and more!

DIY mini leather backpack

i used my last free days to do basically the last big DIY for a while: my own leather mini backpack. i've wanted one of these cute little bags for ages, but either they're too expensive - like the chanel or prada ones - or just inexistent.. so i decided to sew one myself. i had plenty of leather left, the rest of my leather-sleeve DIY, so this backpack is pretty much sewn out of one leather jacket! it took me nearly 3 days to handsew that thing but i think it was really worth it, i love my new bag! 
PS: university is starting tomorrow and i'm moving next weekend, so it'll be a little silent here maybe for short while, but after that i'll post more often again, a room tour, outfits and more DIY!

diana x holga

first takes with my DIANA MINI! actually there weren't a lot of good photos, but don't my little cousins look adorable wearing the scream mask?

and some HOLGA-photos, too! actually from the red corner festival, wich was like three months ago.. well, i'd better get more into lomography again, especially now that i have those two awesome cuties!, one for standard (holga) and one for square and panoramic shots (diana) - that's why they love each other so much ♥ 
& don't forget to check my FLICKR for more!

DIY tie dye stuff

after a massive tie-dye-day i'm really proud to present you a tutorial on how to tie dye shirts or sweaters and how to dye two-colour ombre shorts:

to create a spiral pattern you have to take the shirt in the middle, then turn until the whole shirt has rolled up to a rather compact spiral. push the sleeves and loose fabric tighter around and secure everthing with some twine. a good video for how to do this you can find here.
this is what your spiral-pack should look like before dying.
for the 'crumple-pattern' i wanted to achive for the sweater, just crumple it together and wrap some twine around it to secure it.

mix the bleach in a clean plastic bucket by following in the instructions on the package. completely dip the sweater into the dye, it should be completely covered with liquid, and leave it in there for some time (1h with my dye, might be different with yours!) the longer you leave it in the paint the darker and more intense the colour gets, so for a pastell colour just leave it in a bit shorter.. take it out afterwards and rinse it in the sink to get most of the leftover dye out. then put it into the washing machine, but be careful, do not wash it with other things, there's still a lot of dye in it, that could change the colour of the other clothes!
the first shirt i completely dipped into the paint..
..the second one i dipped in just half, it'll create two different patterns!
to create the ombre effect on your shorts, dip them halfway into the dye, then step by step take it out, the top part should sit in the paint for the longest time. take it out, rinse it, then put the other half into another colour. to make a nice transition dip the pants a little bit more into the dye, after some time take it a bit out, so that the first colour is completely out of the paint. some good tutorials here and here on youtube!
the fabric of the sweater soaked up the paint very well, so there's just a very light tie dye pattern, you might not even see on the photo, maybe it'll change a bit after washing..
..completely dipped in and halfway dipped in!the colours went out very dark and intense, i hope it'll fade a bit when i put it into the washing machine.. but all in all i think the stuff looks really cool, especially the shirts came out really awesome, dying is so much fun, try it!

flea market

if you follow me on facebook you might have read that i visited a flea market this saturday to sell some of my old stuff.. well i didn't just sell, i also looked around a little bit and found some awesome stuff, as there's always a lot of cool stuff on flea markets!
book 'Schmetterlinge' ('Butterflies') - 1€ // amethyst crystal - 50ct // carhartt white sweater - 2€ // glass head - 1€ // frames - 30ct each // bottle - 1€ // total: 7€
the glass head is one of my favourite finds, i could rather use it to display my beanies or i could turn it into a 'brain-lamp', using some pink LED rope light.. also the sweater's not going to stay white, i'm gonna tie dye or ombre dye it, since i don't really like white.. actually there's a big dying-project coming up, so stay tuned!
PS: check out BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, a pretty cool little blog i recently discovered!

awesome webstores - sweaters

mona lisa, galaxy, clouds - SUGARPILLS // i like cats, moon cats - BURGER & FRIENDS // wolf - WEIRD CLOTHING  // logo - SHADE LONDON // tropical logo HYPE // black logo - TO BE CLOTHING // rib-zip - LAZY OAF // marylin skeleton - ACTUAL PAIN // the scream - BMA MODIFIED

DIY pocket shirt

a small saturday morning DIY: pocket shirts! after i've seen a lot of them on tumblr i decided to quickly sew myself two of them.. all you'll need is a plain shirt, whatever colour you like, some leftover fabric, maybe a square of 20cm x 20cm, and sewing stuff, like pins, a needle and some thread. now you cut out the shape of your pocket, leave some more fabric around, flap the edges and sew it onto your shirt! if you actually want to use your pocket, make sure to first sew the seam on the top and then sew the rest of the pocket onto your shirt, but not the top part! that way you can put some little things, maybe your mobile, a pocket mirror, some pens or whatever you like, in it. quick, easy and super cool! - btw, the brain fabric i mady myself by simply paiting some white fabric with pink fabric paint and then adding the lines with a black fabric marker! make sure to fixate the paint, follow the instructions printed on it, to prevent the paint from fading with every wash!

i'm a skeleton

in the end i thought 'just go for it!' and finally painted my holga.. i love how it came out, the film's loaded, ready to shoot! the neckstrap i made from an old necklace and some plastic bones, in wich my dad made some additional holes so i could link them. those bones look like holga's arms now and everytime i carry her around my neck, it'll look like she's waving - so cute! :D