outfits of the week

1 sweater - EBAY // pants - C&A // boots - DR.MARTENS 
2 jacket - NONAME // shirt - BABYCAKES // pants - H&M // boots - DR.MARTENS 
3 scarf - H&M // cardigan - MANGO // pants - H&M // boots - DR.MARTENS // 
4 jacket - AMERICAN APPAREL // shirt - ZARA (men) // pants - H&M // creepers - EBAY 
basically the best of my outfits of the last two or three weeks maybe, i'm hardly able to do such a collection every week since i nearly always do a 24h-pyjama-day on sunday, wear boring stuff, jackets and pants twice so that the outfits would be nearly the same, or i don't wear anything special.. so well, winter always makes me kinda lazy, i just want to keep myself warm.. anyway, i wondered if you guys would be interested in some stuff i do at univerity, i could show you something, a chair i built, some architecture models.. just let me know! 

midnight flea market

already two weeks ago i went to a midnight flea market here in munich, it's not the first time i visited one of them and i really like going to flea markets in the evening, there's always music and you can get yourself some drinks and it's really fun.. well as it always is, you can find amazing stuff on flea markets, and so did i!
HARRY POTTER 1,2,3 - 6,50€ // HARRY POTTER 5 - 3€ // BUTTERFLY EFFECT 1,2 - 8€ 
- guess i went a little crazy about DVDs, but since i moved out i don't have any harry potter movies anymore, the ones at home didn't belong to me.. so i'm really on a hunt to complete all seven of them!

enter shikari

last week i went to the concert of ENTER SHIKARI in munich, and as i expected, they've been awesome! i've seen them before at the rock im park festival last year, they did the most hilarious show there and so i decided i had to see them again, and it was really worth it, it was beautiful. i also meet laura from lauralostinstereo, check out her blog, she's just as beautiful in real life as she seems to be on her photos! ♥ 

DIY studded boots

inspired by these awesome boots i found on tumblr, i thought it would be time for another DIY! i stumbled across a pair of those gorgeous bordeaux red velvet boots at H&M, apparently the last pair in the whole store AND it happend to be my size AND they were on sale for 5€!! (instead of 30€!) i couldn't possibly pass, so i purchased them along with two scarfes, wich were on sale, too for 1€ each (insted of 7€ each!) - i think this was the craziest sale find ever, i payed 7€ instead of 42€! well at home i decided to stud them, wich turned out to be a little difficult because the fabric is very thick, so i recommend securing the studs with some hot glue or super glue, so you won't lose them.. under here you'll see how they turned out and my whole purchase.

outfits.. not of this week exactly

finally another one of my outfits-of-the-week-collections.. but those outfits aren't from this week actually.. the first three are like even before christmas or something.. i'm just really lazy right now, i think all of my outfits aren't really special and the light sucks in the morning, it's just too dark, best light's always when i'm at university.. but i try to keep it up more regularly, i promise!1 hat - MUSCHIKREUZBERG // scarf - DIY // knitted sweater - H&M // pants - H&M // boots - DR. MARTENS 2 scarf - H&M // cardigan - H&M // pants - H&M // creepers - EBAY 3 hat - CARHARTT // scarf - H&M // shirt - BABYCAKES // cardigan - H&M // pants - H&M // shoes - CONVERSE + DIY 4 jacket - NONAME // shirt - VANS // pants - FOREVER21 // creepers - EBAY


finally i got my first tattoo.. i've been wanting something underneath my skin for years, i can't even remember not wanting a tattoo.. so on thursday i went to a tattoo studio with my best friend and we both did it.. i've been a little bit scared, but actually the pain wasn't bad, imagine someone drawing on your skin with a very very sharp pencil, that's kinda it.. at least behind the ear! i love how the birds came out, look at all the details! you can even see the feathers of their wings.. why did i get birds? my best friend wanted some kind of a cirrus on her shoulder and the motiv also featured three little black birds.. i loved the birds and i think it's beatiful that i have a part of her tattoo on my body.. it's for our friendship, we've known each other for almost 15 years now and for me it they also symbolise freedom, freedom of my thoughts and my imagination.. they let my imagination fly.. something like that.. and the best part: you can see one of them perfectly through my flesh tunnel! <3

new new new..

 i went a little shopping last week, it's sale everywhere, i got some money from christmas, so i thought it would be the perfect time to grab some bargains! 
shirt - ZARA (mens) - 19,90 9,90 // shirt - SECONDHAND - 7,99 // shirt - VANS (mens) - 35,00 17,50 // cardigan - MANGO - 39,99 24,99 // blouse - VERO MODA - 19,90 9,90