flea market.

i had a quite awesome day yesterday.. well, it seemed to be a stupid one first, but then i went to munich, first to read some books in the library for my artwork but then i went a little shopping and meet my girls, we went for some sushi and finally arrived at the flea market. it was pretty special - just for girls and started at 7pm - but pretty crowded, too. you couldn't even move inside.. so we decided to search a bar to have some drinks.. and i had one of the most delicious strawberry daiquiries there ever.. nom ♥
 i actually found a nice pair of levis high waisted jeans, W28 is perfect for my waist, it's not too tight but as you can see on the picture, they didn't really look very good, the legs are really too big.. so, like i had planned anyway, i cut them into some really cute shorts..
so this is what they look like after cutting.. i really love the colour.. but they have some black paint on the back, so i might either bleach them or dye them completely black.. or i'll just leave them.. i'm also not sure yet if i'd distress them or just leave them as they are.. but i will definitely sew the rolled up part so i don't have to do it again everytime.
i also bought a pair of earrings at the flea market and some halloween earrings and a lace dress in the city.. i think i'll wear both of them for halloween.. 
EDIT: guess what, i just won another FOUR levis high waisted jeans on ebay for just 13€. Ha, i've never won anything before but this is awesome, isn't it? cutting, ripping, dying, studding, flag shorts.. can i have summer again, please?

i'm terrible.

i'm so sorry for not posting that much here, i really have to take a small break until the 8th of november, since i'll have to hand in my mysterious and super time consuming art project then and i need to work very hard on it to get it done.. it's just two weeks! O: i promise, i'll show it to you when i'm completely done and i've got a few other things in store, like DIY (the dyed denim, a studded denim vest, denim shorts..), halloween, a flea market on friday - just for girls - and finally i'm planning on doing more looks.. i'm sorry, i'm a terrible blogger at the moment.. 


So here's another youtube channel i really love - the fashion citizen. she does a lot of DIY, like dying, shredding, studding and a lot more awesome stuff - you should really check out here channel. she also does lookbooks and hauls and her fashion and all her ideas are just super creative and inspiring. the video here's about turning a denim jacket into a studded denim vest, wich is, since i'm bidding on vintage levi's denim jackets on ebay for weeks now, one of my next DIY-projects.. depends on how the jacket, if i'd sometimes win one, will fit, if i'll do a vest or just leave it as a jacket and just make it a little bit more special.. so be excited and wish me luck that i'll win a cheap one!

a year of brainslush.

unbelievable, but today it's one year since i started blogging here.. well, my layout sucked, i had just 28 visitors in whole october and not a single follower - and now.. well, i'm working.. but i gained 32 readers, about 28 visitors a day in average and my layout isn't that bad, huh? so i decided to review some of my favourite posts to celebrate that little anniversary..
1 the slushy-brain-shake
2 DIY - space shoes. actually the fist DIY on my blog  but sadly the shoes look like a mess now since i went up the vesuvio wearing them.. bad idea.
3 DIY - ripped denim shorts. i had a lot of fun with these and i hope i could have helped you with my tutorial.
4 shopping - this is my purchase from hamburg, one of the most beautiful cities in germany i've ever been to!
5 slushybrain captured! well, this is how i look currently - except the tunnel, i'm wearing a black one right now..
6 plugs <3 - i think i talked a lot about my ears this year..
haha.. the zebra-floor became famous, too.


i'm so sorry for not posting very much useful stuff here, i'm pretty busy with school right now, but i really have lots and lots of plans, like my DIY for dyed shorts, outfit-posts,... so please be a little patient, this thing here will get a little bit more interesting soon, i promise.. so for now here's just some sunday morning inspiration..

thrifting hauls.

don't know why but i'm recently very into youtube videos, especially DIY, tutorials and thrifting hauls.. well, it might be that i'm just too sad that we don't have any of those stores around here so i gotta watch what cute and cheap and gorgeous stuff other people buy to feel.. - no actually i feel even worse. but i always find some really awesome people around youtube, like Rosie from JustYourNormalGirl, you can see in the video above. 
Since i'm just talking about videos right now: i'm planning on doing a video tutorial for dyed denim shorts - well, at least if i finally get to do it sometimes.. so be excited!

hello, peter.

isn't it one of the cutest trends of the year? i've seen a lot of those peter pan collars lately, wich is, in my opinion, just awesome, i love them! it's hard to find a really nice shirt or dress with such a collar, best ones are vintage of course, so i think i'm gonna DIY a kind of peter-pan-collar-necklace, so i can simply attach it to any top i have in my closet.. 

DIY - Skeleton Tights.

finally another DIY! i've been looking for some of those freakin' awesome skeleton tights for such a long time so today i decided to just turn an old pair of tights into super cute skeleton ones. 
1 This is what you need: a pair of old tights, you can use every colour besides black of course and a black fabric marker 
2 put the tights on and mark where your knees are 
3 take a small piece of paper and put it on the inside of the tights so that the colour doesn't get to the other side and paint some bones 
4 you can either fill the shapes or leave them just as they are, both looks awesome!
combined with doc martens or some creepers and cute lacey socks, you'll get a really nice bottom for a look you can finish with an oversized jumper or a high waisted skirt or shorts and a vintage band shirt - or just anything cute you have in your closet, the tights gonna give it a creepy, grungy and dark look! if you're going to need something for halloween just combine them with a skeleton shirt or jumper - you could also turn a plain white shirt into a skeleton shirt if you don't want to buy one - or a skull cut out shirt or jumper you can DIY very easily, too.


OH. MY. GOSH. i'm a proud owner of wonderful fantastic awesome gorgeous dr martens boots now!! i can't believe it! a dream came true and really, this is the best birthday-present ever! my girls are just too lovely for the world ♥ ♥ um, my birthday-party was pretty awesome, too. we baked a huge cake, bought a lot of vodka and so on and nearly all the people i know and love were there and we danced and drunk until 3am or something - well, me and a friend of mine had to go home by bike, wich was.. funny? although watching the stars in the dark and clear sky wasn't that easy - but we made it home safe after all.


haha, look what i've done to my ear - finally i can show it to you: streched to 8mm and not blown up lika a big red balloon anymore, isn't it gorgeous? i love it and i can't wait to strech the final step to a wonderful and perfect 10mm, to wear all my new jewellry i showed you some time ago.. well, today is a good day, horrible september is over and i'm going to start into a hopefully better october by finally celebrating my 18th birthday with two friends of mine and a lot of lovely people - i think it's going to be an absolutely awesome night! and: i updated my sidebar a little bit..

ripped denim.

finally i found the time to finish my ripped denim jeans, it was a beautiful saturday and i sat outside in the sun.. well, it's october and it's been warmer than in whole july - what is wrong with the world?! so, i did one leg some time before and today i did the other one, took about an hour and if you want to know how to do it just search for my DIY - ripped denim shorts - tutorial on my blog and get started! it's really easy but you need a lot of patience..