- the moment when you just said something pseudo-intelligent about science and everyone thinks you're a genius - but actually you knew it from a tv-show.
damn. i think i'll die. you know i'm not very into watching tv, there's too much too stupid crap around, but there's Fringe. i don't know why i have chosen this one, maybe because it's scifi, horror and drama all at the same time, but not without some hilarious moments, mostly caused by walter. it is not often that a tv-show or a movie makes me either laugh or cry, least of all both within 45min. there's so much shit on tv, but Fringe has it's own, overall story, with some awesome characters, played by even more awesome actors. anna torv managed to play at least six versions of olivia in season three, olivia thinking she's altivia, altivia pretending to be olivia, olivia, altivia, olivia posessed by william bell and future olivia. and just by watching half a minute you could instantly realize wich olivia you're watching. well, and joshua jackson is probably the cutest guy ever -  i mean peter - he's thoughtful, unintentionally amusing but also courageous and heroic. Fringe, next to the awesome characters, shows us the endless possibilities and i really love the idea of an infinite number of parallel universes, with an infinite number of alternate versions of ourselves. Fringe shows us, in it's core, that love is stronger than anything else, love made them cross even universes. and i have to admit that i'm really kinda obsessed about that show and i don't know how to survive the summer break, maybe by writing stupid fringe stuff in here, so i'm sorry for boring you to death with this.


yesterday i visited the STROKE artfair in munich, it was some kind of a streetart-exhibition where you could take a look at artworks, photographs and other things of different artists from around the whole world, most of them came from germany of course.. it was extremely inspiring and i recommend visiting it to everyone interested in art and street culture. i also discovered an amazing new brand with the strange name pfizipfeiwear, wich has some really nice clothes, you should take a look at the webstore. i really had to buy something so i decided to take a huuge white canvas tote, where i could carry the whole content of my closet in, with a wonderful human heart print on it ♥

inspiration - hair.

 hair.. i'm pretty never satisfied with my hair, i had extremely short hair two or three years ago and i could still kill myself for having decided to cut them. i want to have long hair again, now! they're growing soo slowly and they're also pretty damaged, i straightened a lot in the past, i need to cut them a little bit and actually i'm not sure how to cut my bangs.. a little bit longer, so i can put them behind my ear, or shorter and fringy? my hair is - if air-dryed - similar to the hair of the girl in the first picture.. just a little bit shorter, i think. so i don't know.. i really like the 3rd one, the bone is kinda cute.. ♥


saturday i took a little trip to munich, i went shopping with my lovely little sister and after that we had a very delicious dinner at TOKYO's, eating running sushi ♥ well, i didn't find anything special, a bikini, a top, some clips and a wonderful skull eraser because one of the weirdest things i do, is collecting erasers.. i think i've got about 70, one cuter than the other, i got donuts, muffins, cakes, veggies, fruit and a lot more, and they're really adorable ♥ maybe i'll show them to you one time.. 
and  i also bought some DVDs - the Happening and The X-Files - i want to believe - i watched the X-Files, it's about a serial killer, who kidnappes women to connect their bodies with the head of a man to give him a new and healthy body.. insane and thrilling, good but still not one of my all-time favourites.

1 - Feather Earrings,
2 - Crystal Pendants, both from a little store called Schmuckrausch

PS: i finally ordered some tapers at CrazyFactory, a really awesome and super cheap online-store for piercings and things like that.. how i sayed earlier, i want to strech one of my ears to 8mm.. or maybe 10mm, so i'm really nervous and really excited and i hope the package will arrive soon ! :D


it is not often that movies or videos make me cry, but this did. the cruelty of people, treating animals just like if they wouldn't feel any pain, or if they were just things, made me so sad and angry at the same time. i can't eat meat anymore without thinking about all the blood and how the animals have to suffer for our amusement. so if you want to enjoy your steak, do not watch it, but if you care about cute little chicks and calves, watch it and stop eating them, because this is the reason why they are treated like this, you want it and you are responsible for all the pain!

DIY - theslushybrain-cotton-bag

so i promised to show you my brain-slush-cotton-bag yesterday and here it is.. if you take a closer look you might recognize 'theslushybrain' written in the pink brain.. actually 'brainwriting' is one of my favourites.. i often just draw secrect messages hidden in brains, either in school or on a friends arm.. weird, i know. but try it out, it is very relaxing to draw brain, just like some kind of labyrinthe. well, i'm not a creepy killer or something, i just like pink brains :D
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DIY - ripped denim shorts.

i had a day off from school today so i spent my morning with customizing my old and boring denim shorts, transforming an old black shirt into a skull-cut-out-shirt and finishing my slushybrain-cotton bag. and here's the tutorial for making ripped denim shorts:
1. all you need is a small scissor and  some tweezers.. 2. make a first cut.. 3. the second cut should be a little bit below the first one, not too far, i'd say maximum is about 7cm, if you want the ripped part to be longer, just do it in two steps.. 4. take the tweezers and try to pull one of the longitudinal threads out. this could take a little longer, but when you've got that step, everything gets easy.. 5. pull all the threads on the right and the left out until you reach the ends of your cut. for this you have to have a lot of patience, especially if your ripped part is very large.. 6. this is what it looks like in the end. i left a little bit of the original jeans, right where the seam is, sometimes it is a little bit better if you do that, so that you jeans doesn't fall apart completely. if you wear your shorts or if you wash them, everything will look a little bit more chaotic and destroyed, just as it would have happened unintended, wich is exactly what i wanted.

after i made all my ripped parts i painted one pocket black and added some studs. i recommend sewing some cloth behind, so that the spikes of the studs don't destroy either your skin or your thights. if you think your pants are too transparent now with all the holes, you could just take some lace, either in balck or white and sew it right behind the holes, looks very nice, too. i'll maybe add some black lace here, so that you don't see the white cloth of the pockets anymore..


yesterday i decided to give my hair a new look, so i dyed it 'black currant brown'  with schwarzkopf perfect mousse dye. first i was shocked, the shower looked like someone has been killed, after i washed the dye out and you have to imagine the colour a little bit more red and dark as it is on the photo..but then i thought: um.. yeah, i'm a redhead now! - what do you think? 

friday 13th.

it's friday 13th today and i decided to show you the best HORROR-movie. by the way, the font of my header is 'friday 13th' haha. what a coincidence. so my all-time favourite horror-movie is Shutter. it's about photography, japan and joshua jackson! ♥ ♥ ♥ they simply packed everything i love in there..
a newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident in japan. as time goes by, more and more photos show those strange blurs, and ben (the husband) finds out that the ghost on the photos is a girl from his past. now even stranger things happen, people die and the girl appears, but in the end nothing is like it seemed.. the movie is all about guilt and that things you do will never be forgotten, i love it because it's about photography, polaroids and japan.. well, this is where most of the horrormovies play, like the Ring ( wich is probably the most hilarious one i've ever seen.. well, a tv throws her into that hole.. ) but i love japan, and i'm fascinated of those huge cities, all those lights and those cute little plastic toys.. um.. and i love the movie, of course, because of joshua jackson. he's brilliant, and if you watch interviews, he's so relaxed and always ready for a joke, just.. perfect? ♥

i found an awesome website for awesome shirts, so if you search for any tee, i'm sure you'll find one there. it's kind of a database with more than 15,000 graphic tees and links to the webstore where you can buy them, awesome.


the moment when your sister comes into your room, watching you taking a computer apart, saying "eh..NERD?!" and you're proudly replying "nope. ARTIST."


i think i did something i shouldn't have done. my hair was really annoying me so i decided to cut my bangs a little bit.. well, now it isn't better, it's even worse. it's more annoying than before. i am stupid. maybe with a lot of hairspray and straightening it's okay again, but right now it is just hanging in my face, so that i can't see anything anymore, and i can't do it behind my ear now because it's exactly 1cm too short. brilliant. why am i so stupid? i could have waited for a professional to do it, but no i had to cut it myself, as if my hair wasn't ugly enough. my roots are growing out, it's too short and it's wavy, no beautiful curls or something, ugly and annoying waves. arg. i hate my hair but i had forbidden myself to straighten, because they're actually very damaged, too. wonderful, how can one person be such an idiot and still be alive ?!

strech it.

i was really bored yesterday so i spent my whole evening watching some videos and photos about streching your ears. i really wanna do it, just on one ear and my maximum is 10mm or 00g. i wanna use them to put my pencils or brushes in there.. so i always have something to write if i have a sudden brilliant idea or whatever.. my tunnel-fascination nearly got me to order some tapers, but i didn't do it, so i don't know, i'm a little bit afraid ruining my ears forever..

well, the last one is actually what i want my ear to look like, maybe not such a big tunnel, but a second piercing looks really nice.. it's anna from she has streched just one side too, i really love it. ♥