the donut.

finally, i did it, i painted the cute white diana mini camera i won in a contest at somelostgirl's blog - thanks so much again! - and well, the donut looks super sweet, doesn't it? - yum yum wanna eat it! ♥ ♥
so here are some TIPS for you if you want to paint your own camera - or anything made of plastic actually:
1. make sure you use the right colours: only use colors made for plastic, everything else will crumble off if you use the item more often. i used enamel colours, made for modelbuilding, you can find them at your local DIY store.
2. before you paint you should either use a special primer - wich you can only spray on, so that wasn't possible for me - or take a piece of sandpaper and roughen the surface, so that the colour will stick to it better.
3. if you don't want to risk painting the viewfinder you can simply screw the diana open so that you have three isolated parts, but make sure to keep all the parts, especially the screws so that you can put you camera back together (don't do that if you're not sure you'll be able to put it back together!)
4. start to paint with the lightest colour. you can easily correct mistakes with a darker colour, but not the other way round!
5. don't paint anything you'll have to move, like the counter wheel, the colour will make it stick and you won't be able to turn it anymore!
6. if you have to mix colours, always make sure you mix enough of the colour, it is the worst thing if you run out of colour, you'll never be able to mix the exact same colour again! i had to mix the light pink cotton candyish colour because they didn't sell a bright pink one anywhere, but actually i love the pastel look of the donut now and cotton candy pink is pretty cool, too!
7. let every layer dry carefully before you add the next one!
GET STARTED! - painting is so much fun, so get creative now and make your camera somehing special, that no one else's going to have! :D

DIY bleached and studded converse

inspired by the awesome 'chlorine converse' at one of audrey kitchings wonderful online stores, lazy bones vintage, i decided to try customizing my old halloween converse, i purchased in the USA about 3 1/2 years ago. what you'll need is some bleach, a bucket and gloves.
ATTENTION: only bleach outside, it's going to smell really awful and just wear clothes that can be ruined in case you'll spill something!
STEP 1: remove the laces from your shoes, if you don't want them to be bleached, too.
STEP 2: fill the bleach into a big and clean bucket. put you shoes inside, you might add some bleach if they're not fully covered. 
IMPORTANT: come back from time to time to see how light your shoes already are, if they stay in the bleach too long, the fabric could be ruined. i didn't use strong bleach, so the process took a lot of time, but to make sure your shoes won't fall apart you should really check every 1/2 an hour.
STEP 3: take the shoes out of the bleach and wash them out with some clean water. after that put them into the washing machine, but be careful, there's still a lot of bleach in the fabric, so don't wash them with dark clothes!

after 24h in the bleach the colour of my shoes changed to a light orange, wich hadn't really been what i wanted. but i discovered a 'power colour remover' in a local supermarket (i really recommend using this instead of bleach to all the german readers! bleach does at least fail to fully remove the colour of converse shoes..) and instead of following the instructions i just used the whole package in a small amount of hot water and suddenly and very fast all the colour went out of my shoes. (i used about 3l of 60°C hot water with the whole package) i left them in the bucket for another 12 h and now they're just some kind of creamy white, like you can see on the right picture. i really love the purple seams, actually.
STEP 4: before putting your laces back into your shoes you can add the final touch by studding them first. you can use pyramid, cone, round.. studs, spikes, golden, silver, black, or colourful ones, in an even or more random pattern, depending on your shoe and whatever you like. 

i chose the random studs - random colours - random pattern option and i really like how the shoes turned out finally. i might add some spikes in the back and i recently discovered some star and skull studs that might look awesome, too.
well, the DIY project itself is awesome, i had so much fun and finally turned the ugliest pair of my converse into the most special and extraordinary one, that i'm going to wear a lot in the future!

creeepiees - love.

this day couldn't have been more perfect, the sun was shining, i shot nearly a whole roll with my holga outside in the forest - i just had to because the light was awesome -, i finished one of my DIY-projects - i'll show you tomorrow or friday - and i recieved a huge package.. with the CREEEEPERS inside! ♥ ♥ ♥ i didn't have to pay any taxes or anything, it just came to me - well it was declared as a gift.. anyways i love them, i love love love them, walking is a bit difficult since they're a little bit too big sadly (do i really have such tiny feet?!) but with an extra insole and two pairs of socks or really big woolen socks they're just perfect, i can't wait to wear them - everyone's gonna to find them super ugly but i don't care. it makes them even more awesome. ♥

DIY bleached denim jacket

finally, the sun is shining and i could now do my DIY bleaching project(s). so here is a small tutorial how to turn your boring denim jacket or vest into something more special and fashionable. 
IMPORTANT: don't do this project inside your house, it's going to smell awful for  like three weeks or something! and wear some old clothes that can be ruined, just in case you spill some of the bleach!
YOU NEED: a denim jacket or vest, some bleach and gloves
Now you have different options, depending on what effect you want to achieve:
SIMPLE BLEACH: the easiest one: just take your jacket as it is and throw it into a bucket with bleach. wait until your jacket is as light as you want it, then take it out.
OMBRE EFFECT: put your jacket into a bucket, then part for part take the jacket out of the bleach, so that in the end the bottom had been in the bleach just for about half an hour and the top maybe two or three hours, depending on how light you want your jacket - watch a tutorial by thefashioncitizen on youtube, it's kinda easy..
ACID WASH EFFECT: for acid washing you'll need a spray bottle and then you would just randomly spray the bleach onto your jacket, let it sit a while, then add the next layer.. it takes a long time, but it looks so good and i think it's definitely worth it, watch an awesome tutorial here on youtube, everything's explained there!
TIE DYE EFFECT: tie dye is the effect i chose and it's also pretty simple, you just need to crumple the fabric of your jacket and secure everything with rubber bands or twine, don't try to achieve a certain pattern, you wouldn't be able to control that anyway, so just do it randomly and then put it into a bucket with bleach.
next step is very easy, fill an old but clean bucket with some bleach and put your jacket inside, the bleach should cover the whole jacket - well, could be a nice effect, too if it doesn't. if you're using 'dan klorix' bleach, don't make the same mistake that i did and mix it with water (the bleaching process took about 8 hours..), this isn't a very strong bleach, so just buy two or three bottles and put your denim in there. but anyway it is important to come back every half an our to see how light your denim already is. especially if you use very strong bleach you have to be careful that the fabric of your clothes doesn't get destroyed.
if you think your denim jacket is light enough, take it out of the bleach and cut off the twine or rubber bands. above you can see how my jacket looked after i took it out of the bleach - still wet. if you think the contrast between the bleached and not bleached fabric is too big, just throw your jacket back into the bleach and it will be lightened up a bit. if you're satisfied take your jacket and wash out the excess bleach, for example in your shower. before you can wear it, it is important to put the jacket into the washing machine, but be careful, there's still a lot of bleach in the fabric, so just wash it with white clothes!
so my jacket isn't finished at all, i'm planning to sew either a great-britain-flag or the print of a 30-seconds-to-mars-shirt on the back of it, and of cours studs shouldn't be missing - so be excited about what's coming up! 

studded converse inspiration

since i'd seen those absolutely wonderful studded converse at lazy bones really wanted to have a pair myself - screams for a DIY! i own three pairs of converse, one of them i used to call halloween-shoes because they're orange and came with black laces.. well, i don't  like orange anymore, so i decided i'll bleach them, just like the ones above, after that i'll see how the colours are and if they're not satisfying, i'll try to paint or dye them or bleach them again or whatever and then finally stud them. well, that point souds easy but it isn't. i can't decide if i should use pyramid studs or round studs, gold or silver ones and if i should do a even pattern or just spread the studs randomly - i like every possibility, in the end i think it'll depend on the colour..
i've been searching for some inspiration and at least i know that small studs look way better than big ones, luckily i ordered some 7mm pyramid-studs via ebay last week. i also found an other pair of studded converse there, you can also find them at the bloodycat webstore and i love that store anyway, they've got some awesome things there ♥ -just the korean signs are a bit confusing..

the frozen lake

 i picked up some developed lomography today and really, this time nearly everything has been crap, just the one above went out pretty beautiful.. i love how the trees are reflected by the frozen lake.. and do you see that red light leak at the bottom? it's in nearly every picture and i love it, it's kind of my brand label.. i originally wanted to have my negatives cross-processed but those stupid people from the drugstore didn't get that.. what a pity, i'd really loved to see how the colours would have changed..

the beauty inside. -her ear.

sometimes i can't believe how many beautiful and awesome things you can find in the world through the internet.. today i discovered an absolutely awesome online store called BMA modified , and next to a bunch of super cute sweaters and shirts they've got the most spectacular and remarkable plugs i've ever seen.. they are so beautiful! sadly they only sell them in pairs and i can nowhere find how much shipping is, but really, i LOVE THAT STORE. ♥ - check it out.

the skeleton.

finally my so long desired skeleton sweater arrived and i absolutely fell in love with it, it's cozy and warm and an affordable though beautiful alternative to the wildfox sweater, well, I LOVE EBAY

holga's got a little sister.

guess what arrived here today: holga's new little sister, DIANA ♥ i came home and found the package and really, thanks so much to polga, i'm so so happy! i can't wait to shoot and i've also been on the search for some colours to paint it the whole week, although i didn't find anything until now, i think i'll need some special paint for plastic.. well, tomorrow i'm gonna check out a local do-it-yourself store and see if i'm going to find something.. can't wait to get creative and give her the yummy donut look! and really, how cute do holga and diana look together? ♥ ♥ ( i think i'll have to paint my holga somehow, too - wich i had originally planned, that's also the reason why i bought a white one.. because holga's going to be jealous about diana, being not as beautiful and special as diana's going to be.. i already had an idea a long time ago, the GALAXY-holga - wich is kinda impossible to paint.. well, let's see!)