the beauty inside. -her ear.

sometimes i can't believe how many beautiful and awesome things you can find in the world through the internet.. today i discovered an absolutely awesome online store called BMA modified , and next to a bunch of super cute sweaters and shirts they've got the most spectacular and remarkable plugs i've ever seen.. they are so beautiful! sadly they only sell them in pairs and i can nowhere find how much shipping is, but really, i LOVE THAT STORE. ♥ - check it out.


Julez said...

wow, die sind alle so wahnsinnig schön. am besten finde ich die mit dem kreuz *-* aber ich würde sie gerne alle haben^^

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

Richtig coole Teile! :D

fashion is for idiots [like us]

laura said...

omg die plugs sind der hammer!*-*
und ich hab bei Glamour Kills bestellt:))

FräuleinJana. said...

Die sind ja unglaublich cool :D
Echt sehr schick!