tie dye shirts

tie dye's been around the web for quite a while, especially on tumblr and i have to admit that i really fell in love with it! customised vintage nike or nirvana band shirts or those cuties from THFKDLF, RUTTEN, ABLE  or SUNKEN are my favourites! guess what my next DIY will be..? TIE DYE! - i'm planning to do a shirt (like No.2) and to customize one of my denim-leg-bags (coming up), so stay tuned!
PS: i'm sorry for the lack of posts, the internship in the joiner's workshop is really exhausting an time-consuming, but there's only 3 1/2 weeks to go! (and a lot of DIY projects on my list..)


Anna said...

Seeehr coole Shirts! :)

The Smasher said...

i'm in love with tie dye too! in fact tomorrow i'm going to brighton and getting a rainbow tie dye top! so excited for your diys! xo

agnieszka said...

ahh hab ich letztens auch gemacht aber die kombi aus hellblau und weiß ist ziemlich daneben gegangen.
ich wünsch dir viel erfolg! :)

Ellem said...

finde ich cool ^-^

jedoch nicht so sehr, wenn die nirvana-shirts von nicht-nirvana-fans getragen werden.

Lori said...

love these tee's!