flea market

if you follow me on facebook you might have read that i visited a flea market this saturday to sell some of my old stuff.. well i didn't just sell, i also looked around a little bit and found some awesome stuff, as there's always a lot of cool stuff on flea markets!
book 'Schmetterlinge' ('Butterflies') - 1€ // amethyst crystal - 50ct // carhartt white sweater - 2€ // glass head - 1€ // frames - 30ct each // bottle - 1€ // total: 7€
the glass head is one of my favourite finds, i could rather use it to display my beanies or i could turn it into a 'brain-lamp', using some pink LED rope light.. also the sweater's not going to stay white, i'm gonna tie dye or ombre dye it, since i don't really like white.. actually there's a big dying-project coming up, so stay tuned!
PS: check out BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL, a pretty cool little blog i recently discovered!


Annick said...

auf welchen flohmärkten bist du immer, bei mir sind wirklich NIE welche ._.

Helena. said...