home tour

finally i found some time on a free day to take some photos of my appartement and i won't hide them from you! it's still a bit empty, i need lots and lots of more pictures and wall decoration but compared to my old room - a nightmare of wooden floor, walls and furniture - i really love my bright white room! - PS: i switched from GIMP to photoshop to edit my pictures - do you notice any difference?

1 tiny little kitchen - photo taken standing outside the - nonexistant- door!
2 IKEA MALM chest used as a night stand, lampshade: DIY moooi random fake, flea market glass head featuring carhartt watch hat
3 bed and book shelf - black frames with dried flowers from my home garden and jelly fish picture painted by myself some time ago in school
4 diana and holga found their place, too!
5 some other stuff i've been collecting and DIYing in the past
6 grandmas vintage globe!
7 jewellery, makeup, accesoires and beauty stuff
8 the lampshade and it's wonderful light - the pattern it throws on my walls is really beautiful! 


Anna said...

Oha, so eine schöne Wohnung in München. Muss ja wahnsinnig teuer sein!

Vanessa Piccola said...

Bin großer Freund deines Einrichtungsstils! Ich wünschte ich hätte auch so nen Glaskopf, der meine Mütze für mich hält.

Nicoletta said...

Ich würde töten für deinen Krims Krams! So viel schönes Klim Bim <3 Deine Wohnung sieht aus wie ein Kunstprojekt :D

lauralostinstereo said...

Malm Möbel für immer haha:3 Schöne home tour!