hello, shoes of my dreams..

well, i fell in love - again. another pair of platform shoes, but what should i do, i'm just too small! when i saw those super cool vans sk8 high platform sneakers i knew i had to have them and seriously, i would've bought them instantly (their available at urban outfitters or asos..) but as it is always the case, they're too expensive.. so i could just do one thing: save a lot of money OR wait until they're on sale.


Suvarna Gold said...

Hi :)

deine Bilder gefallen mir sehr und dein Blogstil besonders !

ich biete Bloggern an Header zu designen.
Falls du bock hast kannst dir ja gern meinen letzen Beitrag durchlesen


marly said...

omg, nice shoes!!!! i love it!

Miss Mad said...

wow die sind wirklich wirklich schick. haste mal bei ebay und kleiderkreisel gesucht. manchmal hat man glück und findet dort welche günstiger

lauralostinstereo said...

die schuhe sind so geil!