outfits of the week

1 sweater - EBAY // pants - C&A // boots - DR.MARTENS 
2 jacket - NONAME // shirt - BABYCAKES // pants - H&M // boots - DR.MARTENS 
3 scarf - H&M // cardigan - MANGO // pants - H&M // boots - DR.MARTENS // 
4 jacket - AMERICAN APPAREL // shirt - ZARA (men) // pants - H&M // creepers - EBAY 
basically the best of my outfits of the last two or three weeks maybe, i'm hardly able to do such a collection every week since i nearly always do a 24h-pyjama-day on sunday, wear boring stuff, jackets and pants twice so that the outfits would be nearly the same, or i don't wear anything special.. so well, winter always makes me kinda lazy, i just want to keep myself warm.. anyway, i wondered if you guys would be interested in some stuff i do at univerity, i could show you something, a chair i built, some architecture models.. just let me know! 


Annick said...

geile figur, geiler style!!

Vanessa Piccola said...

Fresh! Vor allem der erste Pulli! Ich mag deinen Look sehr :)

lauralostinstereo said...

gute outfits!<3

Zoe Barrow said...

Love the skeleton rib top! x

lenagabsschon said...

oh bitte zeig uns was, was du gemacht hast :)