since ebay is one of my favourite places to shop online and to dig up awesome, special and of course super cheap stuff from all over the world, i thought i might introduce some awesome ebay-shops to you!
veronicafever - awesome customized vintage shirts and a great source of inspiration!
bloodycat - the ebay shop of an absolutely special korean online store ; i've been longing for the american flag denim jacket for ages and still haven't ordered it..
for DIY: cheap studs you can find at yuanlai, beach heya or j2elements
and let me know if i should introduce some more stores to you!


Anna said...

Yeah. Endlich! Also ich würd mich über neue Shops freuen. Kenn mich bei Ebay leider nicht so gut aus, deswegen freut es mich voll, dass du den Post gemacht hast. DANKE!

The Dizzy Genie said...

Please tell me some more shops! e-Bay is the best shop ever and i would love to get to know more awesome sellers!
Loving your blog as usual!
The Dizzy Genie <3

⚓ Meerjungfrau said...

Oh wie toll :D Ich liebe sie alle, vielen vielen Dank!

Café Barcelona said...

Nice vintage shirts :D

ayla said...

omg bloodycat sells studded all stars O:

mari.dalor said...

boah, ey.
gerade entdeckt und ich sowas von fan von dir!


Clouds said...

What! Diese shops sind der hammer!

Lola said...

Wow, dein Blog ist wirklich inspiriernd! Bei den Shops werde ich gleich mal vorbeischauen ;)