DIY bone hair clips

it's friday 13th today and i thought it's appropriate to finally do my bone hair clip project, something i'd seen on tumblr and instantly wanted to do myself, it's so easy, you just need some carnival plastic bones, some plain alligator hair clips, superglue and some sandpaper. roughen the surface of the bones and the hair clips with the sandpaper, then glue them together, let them dry and you're done!
i love friday 13th, i'm going to a horror movie night today, it's going to be awesome! what are you doing?


Danjus and the Others said...

Great Idea..*-*
Wir machen heut mal die Reeperbahn unsicher :D

xx Danie

Jane Carmen said...

this blog, which is one of the most daring things i've done, is dedicated to the slushy brain, a blog that inspired me to have a blog myself.

head + heels said...

F A N T A S T I S C H !!! ich liebe sie!!

kissboombang, mika.
head + heels

Kaitianne said...

Oooh I love these! I have always made my bone hair clips out of felt but am so drawn to the plastic ones. Where can I buy these?

Miss Drea said...

Where can I buy the bones??