what i do? - interior design.

i nearly made it through the first semester at university, it's just two weeks to go, maybe the most horrible two weeks ever, lots of projects, some test and not enough time at all.. so anyway i wanted to show you some of the more interesting stuff i did this year.. beginning with the first of my three 5-week-main-projects: landscape architecture (not the best translation, but that's kinda it..)

among other things we had to build to cardboard models of a certain building in munich, every team of two students got one.. the first model is a negative model, we kinda built the air around the building, the building itself are the holes in it.. looks pretty interesting i think.. the second one is a classic 1:100 model, but we also used it for our study of the movement around the building, each colour represents a certain group of people moving around the buildings..
the next project was interior design and our task was to design and build a 1:20 model of the same box with specified measurements three times, everytime a little different and each within one or for the second one two weeks. the first task was to design our own dream apartement for one or two persons - lowest box - second task was to design a home for a family with one child - middle one - and the last was to combine work and live within one box designing a system that can be changed and rearranged to separate or connect single rooms of the house. at the end we placed all of our boxes next to each other, it looked really cool, like a really big scyscraper in shanghai or something!
last project had been product or furniture design and the most awesome day was our 8-hour-chair-day.. as the name already tells, we had to design and build a chair in only 8 hours, teams of two students and only laths and nails were allowed.. well i think our chair went out pretty good, it's just tipping over very easily - doesn't matter :D
last two pictureas are both renderings i did with photoshop, completely built out of concrete and other textures and background pictures.. it's fun but it really takes time.. the last one took me about 8h or something.. O:
well, after all i really loved this semester, i had so many different things to do, my university is just awesome, not theoretical, but all practical.. it is exhausting sometimes but i think i've learned a lot and i'm pretty excited about what's to come.. if you have questions, just feel free to ask! 


maria carlile (havefaithinme) said...

Danke <3

jenni said...

Wow, also mich fasziniert das total! Es macht bestimmt großen Spaß und verlangt viel Kreativität.

Café Barcelona said...

Pretty good chair and the way that u explain everything sounds really exciting! Good luck and congrats!

-ErreGé said...

Please,post more photos of your designs, they are incredibleee! *-*