analogue picspam

here they are, all the analogue pictures i took with my holga, i should've shoot much more, but i can't change that now.. the first two are taken at TEL AVIV beach at the evening, the rest is from our massada sunrise tour, i felt like being at the grand canyon seeing those rocks in the 6th and 7th picture. the third one is my analogue-panorama attempt, i think it got pretty interesting though! i need to finish shooting the roll in the fisheye camera, the first roll ever i shot with it, after developing you'll definitely get to see the pictures!


Sonja said...

unglaublich tolle bilder!!!

Shelly said...

Die Bilder sind einfach mal richtig toll!

June L. said...

Love these pictures! ^__^

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Neon Gold said...

sehr tolle bilder haste da!!!