i kinda got kicked back to blogging by VanBranch, a special online store from berlin, that sells custom and handmade wooden plugs and tunnels. they've got some really beautiful jewellery there and so i really had to share it with you! i picked a tunnel called 'Schönleinstraße', its made of olive wood and ebony and it is seriously the nicest tunnel i own! it's perfectly made and feels just so natural in my ear! go check out their store and their facebook!

well, back to me and my miserable blogging.. i don't even remember the last post, it was ages ago, i'm terrible, i know! somehow i lost my enthusiasm to blog and i naturally found an excuse, being at uni for the summer semester.. but honestly, i could have blogged, and i would've had the time if i cut back my tv show addictions and other useless stuff, but now i realize i kinda missed blogging, i kept reading all my favourites but never felt the urge to write myself, maybe also because i really didn't have to tell that much, i didn't do anything spectacular, i didn't feel like i wore something special oder did a DIY i haven't done before.. well now i will try again, at least one or two posts a week, i do really have some small things to show you, some lomography, an upcycled jewellery holder, some fashion and some inspiration, well see! uni starts next week, i'm 3rd semester already, really hard to belive though.. and i've been living alone for almost a year now, that's kinda unbeliveable, too. 

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fabienne said...

nor endlich mal wieder ein post von dir, maw löve :3