if you're an architecture or design student, you'll know what i'm talking about: what the hell are we gonna do with all of those paper models? i'm always split, on the one hand it took a lot of time to build those things but on the other hand, they're just standing around in your room and get covered in dust, but it's really hard to get rid of them, to just throw them out, it kinda hurts in your heart - you know what i mean.. 

so i had a big project this year, concerning an old and unused bunker in the city of munich. we had to develop a concept for a mixed use, two different functions combined in one building. we could do whatever we wanted, and i decided to fill that thing with water and turn it into a scuba diving center, combined with a night club that involves a glass tunnel that leads through the water. it ended up in having to build a model, of course. it took me four days and nights to complete it, one entire day of that i just spend building that glass tunnel.. my concept was kinda complicated in it's geometry, i had a lot of polygons and stuff so i had to do a super fancy flip-open model.. i guess you can understand why i'm not ready to throw it away yet.. so i thought of something different..

i was in desperate need for some kind of jewellery and makeup organization, so i just filled up that model, wich actually looks a bit like a doll house, with my stuff and it all fits in or on perfectly.. well i'm not that much of a makeup-freak, i got my eyeliner and mascara and i'm ready to go. 
here's my tip for all those who don't study design or produce any kind of model at university: the easiest way to create some kind of a minature model is chipboard and wood glue, just build up a fantasy building, cinderella castle or whatever you like, it just may take a bit of time.. or ask me six months from now, i'm sure i'll have some more models leftover for you.. haha.


Joe said...

Haha ^^ what a great idea! I should have done this with my old modells too. now they are standing under my bed at my old room in my parents house. i really like your sections. what program do you use? archicad?

best regards,

The big Mash Up

Schminkschnubbel said...

Hey, AWESOME idea!!!! :-D I like creative and unusual stuff and this looks great!

agnieszka said...

kannst dir gar nicht vorstellen wie sehr ich mich freue dass du wieder postest!!!!