could it get even worse?

well, yesterday was the worst day in my life. i had a car crash and it was all my fault - now the car is nothing more than trash and i feel so terrible. i don't know how that all happened, i just know i was so incredibly stupid, i feel like i shouldn't drive, i think i'll move somewhere where i just need a bike or where i could walk, NYC, Tokyo, London, whatever. anyways, i don't know what to blog about right now, schools already stressing me out, although i had just one week, i need to work on my human-machine-project - i'm gonna show you when i'm finished - but right now i'm rather hanging around here, thinking about my streched ear, since i've got only one week to wait until i can strech to 8mm, a zero! one size smaller than my goal size 10mm - 00 - double zero. can't wait <3

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