hello, consciousness.

now i know i'm not fine with having a blood sample taken. i knew i shouldn't watch the doctor, injecting that gruesome thing into my veines, it wouldn't be the first time i saw blood and lost consciousness, so i didn't. actually everything was over but then my surroundings suddenly became blurred and white - and my consciousness said goodbye. i never remember, but during the blackout there's always some kind of dream, the only difference is that this dream is fast forward, just like disapparating in the harry potter movies, too fast to capture and just a row of confusing and strange pictures. but this time something was different, there was music - and i even remember what song it was. reckless and relentless - asking alexandria. and this song stuck in my head the whole day. i regained consciusness, got some grape-sugar and a glass of water, but it still wasn't over and - bam! - i was uncoscious again, the last time for that day and hopefully for a long time. it's like you've been away in an other world, when you come back you're so sure you've been lying in your bed, dreaming, you don't remember where you are and why you were there and suddenly reality seems like a dream, you can't say how long you've been away and you can't tell what happend during that time, it's like you're leaving your body, a body with a blown fuse, disapparating into an other universe and when you come back it's like - 'Oh my.. where am i ?! - FUCK! it happened again.' 

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