what's in your bag?

sad, but true, today's the last day of my summer break, school's about to start tomorrow and i've decided to show you all the stuff i'm carrying around in my bag or in my hands, everyday, but now for the last time! i'm done after that year. so, what's in my bag? my sketchbook - never missing - , organizer, 'superfluorescent' textliners, emergency-sewing-kit, pill-textliners, a small bag full of colorful pens - favourites: edding, sharpie, copic, faber castel pencils with a small eraser at the end, wallet, calculator!, iPod, 2in1 pocket mirror and hairbrush. and my mobile of course, wich is not in the picture. in the second one there's my folder i covered with some inspiring pictures and quotes, like 'real is just a matter of perception' or 'change is the only constant in life' and 'FUCK' - school after all still sucks..

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