DIY american flag shorts.

so, this is my secret DIY: american flag shorts. i wanted to do this for such a long time - and since i had plenty of shorts to customize - finally i found the time and materials to get started.. this is what you need:
1 a pair of shorts - i use levis vintage high waisted cut-off shorts from 2ndhandstores or ebay
2 an american flag bandana - important: at least 55x55cm and cotton! the material of standard flags is nylon, wich doesn't look so good..
3 sewing stuff: scissors, needles, twine
1 cut out a  piece of the flag, big enough to cover one side of your shorts, make sure to leave 2-3cm more of the cloth on each side.
2 put the piece of cloth on your shorts and cut out the pockets - always leaving a little bit more of the cloth!
3 to get the cloth under the belt loop cut into the fabric, a little bit longer than the belt loop is, then do two small cuts to the sides and simply push it under the loop. it should close behind the loop. - if it doesn't it won't matter, you wouldn't see it later, because the denim belt loop is over that part.
4 now fit the cloth exactly to the shape of the shorts. flap the seam of the cloth to make sure it won't fringe later or when you put the shorts into the washing machine. at the pocket and zipper fold the cloth really around the denim to get a nice selvage. secure it with (a lot of!) needles. 
5 now sew the cloth to the shorts. i decided to use white twine, but you could also use red one, doesn't matter. i did it by hand, you know i'm not that skilled with the sewing machine and i think doing this with the machine would need a lot of expirience, but you can do it whatever way you want to.
6 repeat steps 1-5 with the other side, the star spangled part, of the shorts. for the final touch roll up the seam of the shorts and secure it with several stiches - you won't have to roll them up after washing everytime anymore then.. and you're done!
 i loved this DIY, i think it's one of my favourites, it wasn't that easy and took me about 5h, but the shorts went out soo beautiful, can't wait to wear them! and by the way the price is just awesome: €8 - i got the pants in a secondhand store, on sale for just €5, then i simply cut them and the bandana is from ebay and was €3 - compared to the shorts from runwaydreamz for $162 or topshop (OMG, love their new grunge-collection!) for €44 that's just unbeatable! - and i could customize them just the way i wanted it, PERFECT.


vivien said...

oh mein gott, das hast du so geil hinbekommen, repekt! :) hätte ich nicht schon längst eine, würde ichs glaub ich auch selber machen <33

isi said...

jaa ich liebe das auch richtig:D dankee, deiner mir auch und die shorts ist geil, ich wünschte ich könnte sowas :s

Nina said...

wow, die Shorts sehen super aus! Ist dir sehr gut gelungen;)

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

Verdammt wie cool!! :D
Ich lliiiieeebe dein Blog! :D
..und ich wünschte, ich hätte nur annähernd so viel talent :D


fashion is for idiots [like us]
fashion is for idiots [like us]

guilty said...

hammer o:
sieht richtig gut aus :)
und ein toller blog, begrüß eine neue leserin :)))

wenn du zeit und lust hast würde ich mich freuen, wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbei schaust :)


prettygirlswag said...

WOW! Richtig NICE!
damit kannste gut Geld verdienen haha
Ich meine ich musste für meine schon 50Euro blechen.. echt gut geworden!

Elizabeth said...

OMFG!!luv them♥

cata.marquesa said...

I'm in love with those shorts, they look amazing!!
I really want do this project but I can´t find the "bandana" :( I'll try to find it on ebay like you did...
Do you still remember the link or something that could help me find the bandana for that price plz? Thank would be amazing!

a.Ura said...

Danke =) Ach deine DIY-Anleitungen sind genial. Ich glaub ich werd meine shorts auch so verschönern nur mit einer britischen Flagge =D

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