travel the world.

since i've been talking about travelling in my last post already i decided to tell you something about the destinations of my dreams (also to take part in a competition to win 1000€ for travelling!), wich i would die for to visit just once as long as i'm still living..
if i could choose a city it would definitely be NEW YORK CITY. i'm somehow fascinated by huge cities and all the possibilites.. you could spend a lifetime there and you wouldn't have seen everything! i love new york and it's sights, like liberty island, the empire state building or the big apple, all the wonderful shops, secondhand and vintage stores and the beautiful street markets, districts like soho or the central park i would definitely visit and all the inspiration you'll find there is irreplaceable.. new york's got so many faces and i would be curious to discover them all.
if i had to choose a country it would definitely be an asian one, china, japan, korea, they're all fascinating, but to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing trip i'd choose THAILAND.  next to a beautiful culture, delicious food, interesting cities, there is the landscape, especially beaches that are absolutely awesome.. white sand and a deep and turquoise ocean to do boat trips or diving down to beautiful underwater worlds. the dream of thailand and the asian countries kind of always had been there since my dad had been travelling through asia when he was young and until now i can't get enough of his stories and the beautiful photographs he made. he kind of brought up that desire for travelling in me i think..


FuubiePooh said...

Toller Blog, die Bilder sind klasse!

Liebste Grüße (:

Anonymous said...

sehr gute bilder :)

schau doch mal bei mir vorbei