here it is, a huge haul containing all the treasures i found on saturday, on the fleamarket, in the city and a few things i ordered on ebay lately - awesome, huh?
CITY: blue asymmetric chiffon dress - ZARA (this is what i'm gonna wear to the prom actually..) / baseball shirt - H&M / stud earrings, earring multipack, earcuff - H&M / stupid cat being awfully cute ♥ ♥ ( & trying to be in the center of things as usual..)
FLEAMARKET: levi's high waistet jeans - 3 for 12€ (i confess, i'm obsessed!) / american apparel burgundy velour sweater - 6€ (actually it's a little bit too big, i'm definitely going to sew it a bit tighter at the bottom) / velvet dress - 2€ ( i'm not sure if i would leave the dress like it is or sew it into a velvet skirt, it looks pretty strange on me..) / blue shiny blouse - 2€ / the nanny, season 1,2,3 - 3 for 9€
EBAY: levi's denim jacket - 7,50€ / joy division shirt - 9€ / moustache ring - 1,50€

so as you can guess there are a few DIYs coming up, sadly they have to wait about 4 weeks, the final exams are starting in about two weeks and i really don't have time to do anything but learning or actually drawing for my university-portfolios, well but you can look forward to:
          customized oversize sweater
          velvet skirt and bondeau top from a dress 
          customized levi's cut-off shorts (studding, dying, maybe lace..)
          eventually: bleached and customized levi's denim jacket
i really hope i'll find some time soon -missing DIYing already..


Anna said...

Oh Gott ich beineide dich grat so für solch eine super Ausbeute. :) Machst du eigentlich bei Aktionen mit oder kaufst du gleich und wie hoch sind dann die Versandkosten?

die.donutverliebte said...

du hast ja Glück... ich hab noch nie in meinem Leben Levis oder high waist Shorts gesehen außer auf einem Foto... und der second hand hier hat auch nur Müll :(

die.donutverliebte said...

meinte damit dass ich noch nie im Leben auf sowas getroffen habe in echt, wohne anscheinend im kaffigsten Kaff der Welt obwohl es eine Stadt ist :D

The Dizzy Genie said...

you always manage to find the most awesome stuff at flea markets, lucky! i'll be posting my band tee collection soon which i'm rather proud of :L I love that ring and i'm looking forward to the DIYs!!

The Dizzy Genie <3

vivien (savemilkdrinkblood) said...

oh mein gott was für geile sachen <333

lauralostinstereo said...

urgute sachen!
die leggings sind von topshop:-)

Anonymous said...

BOOOAH ich bin so hart neidisch auf deine klamotten

Café Barcelona said...

I can't take my eyes off of your cat.

The Dizzy Genie said...

WOOOO! 200 followers! You are an amazing blogger so well done!
The Dizzy Genie <3

Clouds said...

Die Levi's jacke für 10 EUR???? OMG OMG OMG ICH GEH SOFORT ZU EBAY!

My Life as Steffi said...

die NANNY :D ohh wie ich diese serie geliebt hab *-* :D

dankeschön (: und nichts zu danken. dein blog hat mir sofort gefalle.