DIY - studded collar vest

a very very small and easy DIY to turn your old and hated blouses into some more fashionable vests to wear underneath sweaters or shirts, or even by themselves, as it is hopefully getting real spring around here soon!
what you need: an old blouse, scissors and some studs
first step: cut around the arms, right outside the seams and you'll be rid of those awfully uncomfortable and annoying sleeves -that's actually why i hated this blouse so much, i couldn't move in it, it was just too tight around the arms and somehow the fabric wasn't very soft, we'll i hated blouses until they discovered those super awesome sheer materials like chiffon, now i love them ♥
second step: eventually you have to add another button at the top of the blouse, right where the collar is -my blouse didn't have one there at least..
third step: STUD! now add studs, chose whatever kind and whatever number, it will always look awesome! i thought i would go for the round ones and just stud the tips to leave it more classy. but if i'd dig up another old blouse i might go for a heavy studded one, using pyramid studs. 
so this is a super great tutorial for turning an old and boring blouse into a statement piece and to reasonably use some leftover studs!


Anna said...

Sag mal, wie viel gibst du eigentlich für deine Nieten aus und hast du die alle von Ebay. Wenn ja würdest du mal gute Shops zeigen. Wenn nein würdest du trotzdem welche zeigen? :)

Anonymous said...

ich liebe diese kleinen kleinichkeiten an den kragen :)

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

Aww, das ist Traumhaft Zeig uns das doch mal in nem kompletten Outfit nochmal :) x

fashion is for idiots [like us]

Pia said...

woher hast du die nieten? :)
sieht gut aus! ich mag deine ideen echt! :)

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

haaha oh mann :D Das Problem kenn ich zu gut! Aber irgendwo auf der Straße vor nem Stativ zu stehen fänd ich auch freaky :D x

fashion is for idiots [like us]

Ellem said...

ich hab schon lange nach so einer bluse gesucht o: woher ist die?

Neon Gold said...

ist dir super gelungen!:)

lauralostinstereo said...

*_* woher hast du die nieten?xx