friday night.

friday night - people meet friends,go out,party or if you're lucky and live in the US you're probably watching Fringe - but i had to sit at home. mom isn't there to drive me somewhere so i'm trapped in that fucking damned village. no bus. i could again start telling you how much i hate it, but actually being alone on fridays is sometimes quite good too. i started drawing the Fringe season two's poster - the DVD-box was lying around somewhere in my room and actually i did not stop drawing until it was completely dark outside and in my room and i didn't  feel my right hand anymore. do you know that strange feeling when your drawing and drawing and then you kind of 'awake' and recognize the music you've been listening to had stopped nearly a hour before without you noticing it? well, i had something like that yesterday, i think it is pure creativity.Creativity drowns every other Feeling.

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