i'm really afraid of myself right now. maybe i'm boring you, but this kind of Fringe-Obsession gets really weird. i'm seeing things that don't exist, i'm seeing Fringe just in everything, even the absurdest things remind me of Fringe, is this normal anymore ? NO. it's freaky, i'm gettin' insane, just like Walter did. i'm even interested in brains, chemistry and science now, i really want to know if those horrific things are possible in reality too. but that's what makes the series so unbelievable authentic,realistic and phantastic in the end. yesterday i watched the second seasons final episodes and those two are the most exciting,emotional and shocking ones, they're just awesome. after two seasons of hoping and keeping your fingers crossed, finally Peter and Olivia find together. i knew it, everyone knew it just by their first meeting in the pilot, these two have to come together. they are so adorable together and this is what makes the whole thing so much more dramatic. our Olivia is now kept in the alternative Universe and Peter doesn't recognize he's dating the alternate, the 'evil' Olivia. this is such a captivating story, i can't stop watching - yeah, i am obsessed.

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