i had three wonderful days, snowboarding with fresh powder snow and lots of sunlight. unfortunately too much sunlight for my skin, which is quite red now.. sunburn >.< on tuesday we went up with our backpacks to a small cottage high up in the mountains where we stayed two nights. that was pretty cool because you could just ride down the slopes after breakfast before anyone else did and enjoy the freshly shaped slopes with no one standing in your way. the only missing thing was some kind of fun park where i could try out some new tricks. but all in all it was a kind of perfect snowboard trip and i took a lot of photos with my holga, first because the mountain-motive was just great and second because my batteries for the flash are empty so i can only shoot with some bright light like sunlight.. there are still 5 pictures left on the roll.. but when it's done i'll show you some of them, i promise.

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