what would you do if you had no internet access for a whole week ? i can say, you will start doing really weird things.. well, i actually had no internet and guess what, i spent the whole week drawing in my brand new sketchbook(s), designing the covers and - of course - watching Fringe. first i thought 'oh my gosh, how could i survive this ?!' but then, after i went buying a new sketchbook i thought 'hey, this is maybe a good thing' and it was. spending to much time here limits creativity - although i missed the inspiration from lookbook.nu or weheartit.com - and you really learn to appreciate the endless possibilities of internet and technology, i lately discovered that we actually have a phone - you get really lonely if you can't communicate with your friends through facebook, what is actually a little bit scaring. so what i learned from is maybe to introduce a internet-free day every week..

1 HolgaDiary - Chronicles of photography
2 THE STORY of a little japanese girl - Diary
3 Eveyday Creativity - old Sketchbook
4 Architecture - Sketchbook for school
5 Inspiration Imagination Creativity Infinity - new Sketchbook // cover 2nd picture
6 Music and Art - Sketchbook for school

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