as a product of unbelievable bordom i decided to give my nails the special DONUT-look. it took over an hour to paint all the layers, they are at least 6 - basic twice ; pink ; yellow ; blue ; top coat - and about 2 hours until they were completely dryed and hardened. to paint my right hand's nails was a bit complicated too, 'cause i had to do that with my left one.. but it went out pretty good too ^^ so i don't know how long i'll keep them but by now i just felt like doing something freaky and who can say ' i had some DONUTs on my nails!' too ? well, my little sister was very excited and wanted her nails like mine too, so i painted them as well and hers got really really nice, firstly because i could paint everything with my right hand and secondly because she put some fake nails on.


C & M said...

Such lovely nails!! god, just looking at them made me want a donut! HAHA! anyways, great blog :)
LOve m

Sophie said...

Oh wow, really creative! I wish I had the patience to do something like that, I usually just paint one coat and that's it :-/