limitless - i don't really know what to think about that movie. i like the camera and camera perspectives, i like that the scenes where he's sober are a bit blue oder green and the ones where he's 'high' are bright and yellow. i like the idea of a drug that allows us to use the full 100% of our brain power, it's really a fascinating imagination, but what i don't like is the end. all went good. damn it! i want to have a 'oh-my..what's going on?!'-ending! something where you have to think about what just happened and what is about to happen. but the movie shows us what possibilities you have, if you're hyper-intelligent, it's nice to see that you can reach something just with brain-power, well, we have to leave out the fact that in this case the brain power actually just exists because of a drug.. what would you do if you had one of those pills and could be hyperintelligent for a few hours? would you take it? well, i would take it and somehow i would try to make a lot of money by writing a script for a movie or a series and selling it to any tv-company, or by robbing a bank without getting caught. :D

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