i had nearly forgotten that perfection in deed does exist. saturday was a perfect day. i went  to munich, a wonderful and exhausting shopping trip with some of my girls. it's GLAMOUR-Shopping-Week here in germany so i was looking for some huge discounts, and i actually saved something about 12€, YAY! and i'm absolutely satisfied now, i found everything i wanted, everything i searched for over one year and on top of the mountain we went eating some sushi afterwards. there is this cute little sushi-circle called TOKYO, it's so tiny that they put some tables outside infront of the restaurant and we sat there, taking our sushi out through the window, laughing and enjoying the warm and sunny weather. yes, this is what i call perfect.

1 black wedges from Görtz17
2 black shorts from Pimkie
3 grey oversized sweatshirt from NewYorker
4 black feather earrings from Accessorize
5 'cotton candy at eiffel tower' nail polish from Catrice
6 black belt from H&M
7 dark grey lace cardigan from Ann Christine
8 black and white knee high socks from American Apparel

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