now i got all the material for my DIY-project: some cloth for my canvas tote or rather canvas totes, i bought really too much of the white coth, and some white plimsolls for my DIY-shoeprint. for that i also bought some black, caribean blue, pink and grey textile colours as well as a black textile pen and a black waterproof edding. well, i'm not so sure about the shoe design yet, but i absolutely want the mountains and constellations-design on one shoe, but the UFO .. i don't know, looks great if you're not too close, um.. it should be something that only contains black, pink, blue and grey so the UFO would be kinda perfect, well maybe i'm gonna add some stars there in the sky, then it's going to match better with the other shoe.. well, i got plenty of time to think now, because i've got easter-holidays and that is such a great thing! :D in the first week i'm going to have an internship in an architecture-agency in munich and i'm really looking forward doing this, maybe i'll know what to do with my further life aferwards.. i hope so, and the other week of my holiday i'll spend with sewing,painting,drawing,friends and unfortunately a lot of school-stuff /: BUT what is really great is the HUGE flea market on april 30 in munich where i'm definitely going to be, searching for some special, rare and hopefully ultra-cheap stuff like clothes, accesories etc. ♥

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Sonia said...

Richtig Coole idee mit den Schuuhs!:)

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