flea market.

i just came back from my trip to this unbelievably huuuuuuge flea market in munich. it was amazing, i walked around about 5 hrs and didn't see everything! and i got some really nice stuff, flea markets are fantastic! but you really have to search and you have to have a lot of patience and you shouldn't go there searching for someting particular, just walk around and get inspired by all those vintage and old and sometimes a bit damaged things..

1. BLONDE - an old issue of my all-time favourite mag
2. Bandana - i searched a really long time for a black one actually..
3. Atlas of Mineralogy - to feed my crystal-fascination
4. Polaroid Camera - too bad that they don't produce the film anymore..
5. Rock Crystals - gonna make necklaces out of them
6. Crystal Pendant - crystal again..

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