DIY recycled plastic bag pouch

looking for some inspiration for future DIY projects - especially xmas present DIYs - i found a pretty awesome tutorial online at and i thought i'd really have to share it, it's cheap and actually so unbelievably benefitial for our environment - a cute little pouch, made from old plastic or potato chips bags.
here's what you need: 1 a emty candy, shopping, potato chip or just any plastic bag you like (you might need two if you want to use the more beautiful sides..) 2 two transparent pieces of plastic in the size of your plastic bags (you can simply cut one of those foils where you can put sheets of paper in to protect them) 3 two pieces of fabric, slightly bigger than the plastic bags 4 a zipper 5 a needle and yarn or a sewing machine 6 some scissors, pencil, ruler
1 place the zipper (right side up) on the fabric (right side up)
2 place the foil and then the first half/piece of the plastic bag (wrong side up) on the fabric and zipper and sew right where the pink line is (fabric, zipper, foil and plastic bag should be sewn together)
3 flap the foil and plastic bag to the top and sew where the pink line is, nearby the actual zipper. 
4 put the second piece of fabric under the part you just finished (foil,plastic bag and fabric of the first side should be on one side of the zipper, the new fabric should be right side up, just as the zipper)
5 revise step 2: place the foil and plastic bag (wrong side up) and sew everything together right where the pink line is
6 revise step 3: flap foil and plastic bag and sew where the pink line is drawn
7 put the fabric and plastic (bag+foil) sewn to the left side of the zipper to the left and the fabric and plastic (bag+foil) sewn to the right side of the zipper to the right and open the zipper
8 flap the plastic parts to the one and the fabric parts to the other side, make sure that the to sides of the open zipper are in line and sew where the pink line is. leave a little bit of space to turn your bag and cut the unnecessary fabric and plastic around your seam after sewing
9 turn your bag to the right side (be patient! you don't want to ruin your work!) and sew the hole in the fabric right where the pink dots are. push the fabric to the inside of your pouch and YOU'RE DONE!might seem a little bit complicated, but i promise you, while making the pouch every step is going to be very clear and i actually made two of them already and they're in fact easier than you might think from the first view.. try it and - as a tiny side effect - you'll be saving our wonderful planet.


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