some random photos i took in the last months using my HOLGA.. i got the film developed last week and yesterday i picked it up and i have to say that really many photos got surprisingly absolutely nice, these three are my favourite ones. so if you wonder what this strange white thing is the girls are drinking, it's 'schneemaƟ', a mix of vanilla ice cream, lemon soda and liquor - i would translate 'pint of snow' because it looks like liquid snow actually - and tastes fucking weird - no, it's disgusting.  well, i prefer hot wine punch as a drink for winter and lately i discovered my fondness for tea - yum. 
well, today's christmas. what a pitty all the snow we had the day before yesterday is gone.. i would have really liked a white christmas after we've been having none for years around here.. never the less i hope you enjoy this wonderful day and get a lot of beautiful presents! ♥ ♥

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